Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rahmat Ramadhan

Our very first therapy session with Sarjit started in 2009 when Rayyan was 11 months old. Since then, it has becoming our Saturday routines, until the last 3 days.
When Sarjit gave Rayyan Ariff and Rifa Aleesya cute little teddy bears and said, "I no longer need to see him this often. He's walking and getting better at it. Keep on practicing and doing whatever exercise that you usually do at home.." I felt lost for a while. It really took me back to those early days of physiotherapy.
We came with no head control, no weight bearing and a very low muscles tone. We came with a very weak child who could barely lift his head and hold it straight. And it actually took 3 years to make him crawl. Slowly and steadily, we had came so far with Sarjit being a huge part of it.
From a patient-therapist, we evolved to become friends and talked about everything. She came to visit Rayyan Ariff a few times when he was admitted, we bought cakes for her birthdays, we called each other just to say hi and so on. Things that friends do.
Honestly, I find it hard to finally stop our Saturday routines of seeing Sarjit after more than 5 years of doing so. But I know, there are other kids who need a session with good and well experienced therapist like Sarjit. And now, Rayyan's slot is available for take up. Hopefully there will be other kids who will benefit from the session like Rayyan Ariff did.
And for us, we will continue our journey with more stimulatherapy, craniosacral, occupational and speech therapy. Please keep us in your prayers, friends. May Allat SWT continue to give us the strength and monetary abilities needed, to ease our journey towards recovery. Ameen.


Nour El AiN said...

Sayyyyyannnnnnggggg Rayyan Banyak2 =D .. Lama tak dengar cerita Rayyan Semoga sentiasa sihat dan gembira selalu. Ameennn

shafa said...

Salam, saya nak tanya terapi Sarjit nih di mana yer? sbb ingin nak hantar anak saya ke situ jugak...

Jiey^Mien said...

Nour El AiN: :-)
Kalau Rayyan boleh cakap, mesti dia kata, Sayyyyyyaanggggg Auntie jugakkkk.. Aminnnnn

SDMC Ara Damansara. Mintak referral from Dr utk buat physio then contact je centre depa for appointment. :-)

Mie Aimie said...

tengah search pasal susu dumex, terjumpa pasal cerita rayyan, you are strong baby.. and you must be stronger day by day..untie pray for you sayang :)