Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More toys

My big boy is showing interest in toys.. So, we need to get him more things to play with i.e. more toys..

So cute, huh??

P/s - Got list of things that mama really really want.. (Errr.. mama wants it for Rayyan, ehhehehhe..).. Tp all of it is a bit pricey!! Huhuhu.. Camne nih??


Pnut said...

dah makin membulat Rayyan..
chubby sungguh...

alesya pun doing well, cuma berat dia tak naik cepat, berbanding abang dia dulu, macam Rayyan la..cepat je besar, mgkn perempuan slow sikit berat dia naik..
smlm pegi cucuk timbang, baru 3.4kg

macam new born je kan..padahal dah nak masuk 5 bulan

Syeda said...

alololoo.. i slalu giler beli toys for my kiddi cousins.

nnti anak i sure ade his/her own toy wardrobe. hehe (provided i marry a richman!)


mOmmy of Triplets said...

dulu kn ade i kate i anta email tp somehow tak delivered to you.
i dok cite panjang lebar pasal toys. its good for them, kadang tu kite tgk cam simple sesangat kn toy tu..but actually its good for their development. And since my babies kan prem...tu byk toys gak i beli. kadang tu i beli cam advance dpd their age punye...saje for early exposure.
but no doubt some are very pricey