Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrating my 30th birthday..

Taktau which one which, celebrating my 30th birthday or celebrating me being 30? Sounds more or less the same, but to me, it totally differs. 30 is a huge number. 30 means maturity. No more I'm-in-my-twenties-kind of statement. 

30, married to a man that loves me more than I could love him and myself, blessed with a son and a daughter. 

What did I get for my birthday?? Nothing superb but it is definitely more than what I've imagined. 

12 to 14 October, we were away in Penang. It started off as a company CSR activity that I have to attend on the 13th. After a long discussion with Mr.Hubby, we decided to make it as a family vacation. He will tag along with my mom and will take care of the kids while I was away doing my CSR activity on Saturday. And of course, he was also agreeable to pay for the additional cost incurred i.e. petrol, food and accommodation. 

I was a bit reluctant at first since we (as in my colleagues and I), will be staying at Shangri-La. We need to top-up quite a large amount of monies as the room rate is definitely not cheap. We also need to  top-up further more for the BBQ dinner and buffet breakfasts for my mom being a third person or else, we have to upgrade our room to a suite. Since Mr.Hubby was all excited about the trip, I dont have the heart to say no and just go with his plan.

We arrived on Friday to a room with a very beautiful scenery, and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and not to forget, we also went to the beach.
View from our room.. Superb!
My mom and I happily sat at the balcony, chitchatting while enjoying the sunset..

Tired faces.. Hehehehe..
Her first pool experience.. She enjoyed it immensely!

Her first sand.. I did not expect her to be this calm and really enjoyed her first 'taste' of the sand..

Later, we had a splendid buffet BBQ dinner with lots and lots of good food. ~We is referring to hubster, mom and Rifa Aleesya. Being cranky, Rayyan Ariff only had some lasagna and I did not have the chance to try everything.. >_<

Though I've always enjoy hotel buffet at each and every stay, this time around, I could not really eat properly since my kiddos started to get restless as they were both tired due to the long journey and time spent at the pool earlier..

So by 9.30pm, we called it a night and were already in bed.
The next morning, as expected, another round of struggle in getting the kids ready and of course, to feed them.. Buffet breakfast is definitely not something that I could enjoy in peace at the moment. Will KIV this one later, when they are a bit older.. Hehehehe..

To my advantage, I got excused from the CSR activity and this trip turns out to be solely for me to spend time with my family. I quickly gave a friend of mine a call, asked her to fetch us and told her our to-do-list that includes, having nasi kandar, buying pickled fruits, getting Rayyan Ariff's formula, and some other things for my birthday gifts.. 
Patiently waiting at the hotel lobby.. Soon after this photo was taken, he was all over the place.. Crawling like nobody's business..

The happy daddy with his baby girl..

Hubby with his yellow complementary flip flops..
After one hour of waiting, my friend finally arrived and the first place she brought us to was, a place selling Jeruk Madu Pak Ali. Next was Nasi Kandar Line Clear.. And the last one was Queensbay Mall before a short Penang tour..
Sleepy boy..

Pediasure anyone?

The happy baby with her proud daddy..

The four of us. Mind my outfits since it was meant for the CSR activity in Pantai Kerachut. Hence the t-shirt.

Ladies department.. Sales were everywhere.. :P

Mr Hubby got me my birthday gifts at the Queensbay Mall. So much for having lots of malls in KL rite? To be honest, our routine is a bit hectic nowadays and we dont even have the time to go shopping or to have any mall trip! That's why, even kiddos' milk were bought here.

By 4pm, we were already back at the hotel. Was thinking of getting a nap by joining Rayyan Ariff who was fast asleep after finishing a bottle of milk. But with another one who was happily smiling and laughing around, getting a nap is definitely impossible!

My happy baby girl.. :-)
By 545pm, we were at the pool again.
Tired? A bit. But seeing the kids happy faces, we can cope with being a little tired.:-)
Mind my red t-shirt with purple tudung, I totally forgot to bring my other tudung!

My mom and my princess..

She's no longer a small baby kan?

Us at the beach..

Look at Rayyan Ariff's long legs~ He's all grown up!

For dinner, instead of going out on our own, we decided to join my colleagues. While waiting for the bus to come and fetch us, we were camwhoring at the hotel lobby. :-)

Rayyan Ariff's first bus ride and he was pretty excited at first. Since it was a one hour trip (plus the bad traffic), Rayyan Ariff can barely sit still! What an experience *lap peluh*

We were brought to Padang Brown for dinner as some of us requested to try the Pasembor there. Honestly, I dont think it is a nice place to go with 1 fragile kid and 1 baby, considering the weather was not on our side. I regretted the fact that we did not go and have dinner on our own.. We would have enjoyed a nice tomyam place and had a huge thai style steamed barramundi kan?

We were back at the hotel by 1130pm and straight away went to bed. The next day, I woke up quite early to pack up our things since we will be leaving soon. It was quite time consuming, getting 2 kids ready, separating the clothes to be sent to the laundry and for own cleaning, preparing the kids' milk and snacks for our 5 hours journey and whatnot.

Why I said a vacation with 2 kids is not a real vacation? Well, let's take this one as a sample. Bags are all nicely packed. kids all nicely dressed, mommy was also ready and we were just a step away from going out of the room. Then I saw this boy sitting quietly next to the bathroom. I guess most of you can tell what he's doing right???
Guilty as charged. We're running out of time baby!!

Soon after, we went for breakfast and checked out of the hotel. It was pretty early since we want to be back in KL as early as possible. 

First, she was playing with the plate nicely. Next thing you know, she happily threw the plate. Can you imagine the sound of it hitting the floor and the amount of attention that we got from the crowd? Heh.

Mom took over to give way for me to enjoy my food. Yes peeps, I'm always the last one to eat!

Shortly after breakfast, we started our journey back to KL and the kids were fast asleep in the car for almost 2 hours before they became restless again and started to climb and move here and there. Hahah! So much for a vacation right?

So, what did I get for my birthday?

On top of the Penang trip, I got new handbag, a purse and a perfume..
Terima kasih Encik Suami, ada rezeki mahu lagi.. :-)


transformed housewife said...

Vacation with kids is always full with unexpected things. heheh.

bintangjauh said...

Salam Jiey^Mien,

Dari jauh... kak Ratna layangkan sebuah ucapan sempena harilahirmu yang genap 30 tahun, selamat sweet joyeux Anniversaire untuk Jiey^Mien yang budiman...

Semoga apa sahaja yang didoa niat, hajati dan hasrat akan dipermudahkan dengan sejahteranya... Alhamdulillah kepadaNya kelihatan Rayyan Ariff tampak sehat sahaja begitu juga dengannya babygirl cantik comel sesungguhnya... apa-apa pun Jiey^Mien, meski pun percutian itu tidak seperti semahunya diri namun segalanya kelihatan begitu selesa, tenang aman damai dipersekitaran hotel tersebut...

Bertuahnya Jiey^Mien punyai seorang suami yang begitu prihatin dilimpahi dengan pelbagai hadiah... Jiey^Mien ada lah seorang yang begitu istimewa dihari yang istimewa...

Salam manis semanis madu.

Noina said...

Senyum sensorang baca entry ni. Berbaloi setelah penat 'berjuang' dgn rayyan kan jiey. Lega dpt tgk rayyan senyum semula. Good boy!!

Anonymous said...

Epy befday gie.. Seiring pertambahan usia nie, doa saya semoga gie sekeluarga diberi kekuatan dan ketabahan untuk meladeni kehidupan selagi hayat masih ada dan sentiasa dimurahi rezeki.. amin

Jiji said...

i can imagine jiey... tp takpe.. next time bawak i ikot bercoti sekali.. i jadi supper nanny for you 2 lil munchkins

Nour El AiN said...

Happy birthday .. =)