Monday, October 7, 2013

My brave little warrior..

Update on our little hero.

Last Monday/ Tuesday, he was OK as usual but I noticed that at times, he seems to have breathing difficulty. Not all the time, but I noticed that it happened 3-4 times along the day.
Wednesday, I came back to a tired-looking boy. According to Bibik, he refused to take his nap. Hence, the tired look. After he had his dinner, I gave him a bottle of milk and put him to bed.
Again, I saw my sleeping baby boy was having trouble to breath due to blocked nose. Few minutes after that, he vomited some of his food out. As I was cleaning him, I realised that he was not looking at me or responding to me when I called his name. I saw his eye balls moved weirdly. That very moment, I knew he was having seizures.
I lifted his body and was so scared that it was all floppy. Very floppy. He was breathless. I carry him, ran out of the house and headed straight to the nearest hospital which is 400m away from our unit.
I was running and walking at the same time while holding him tightly in my arms. I was praying for his recovery, for his well-being, for his everything. The 400m distance seems so far away. It feels like taking a road heading to infinity.

It was like in one of those drama, a mother was frantically running with a very sick child in her arms and thinking of no others than doing the best that she could for her angel. Why I didnt take the car? It was just me and him, who's going to do the proper parking and what not. Further, the distance between our unit to the car park and the hospital A&E department seems like more or less the same. The drawback of living in a non-landed property, huh?. =)
At the hospital, he looked a bit OK. Starting to breath better and was very sleepy which is very normal for post-seizure attacks. Since we have not register ourselves, I told the doctor that I want to bring him back and take him to SDMC, Subang Jaya, our usual place. And I did.

Looking so tired. Very very weak. Was on oxygen support for the first 2 days of admission.

On four hourly neb, until today.

Friday, someone looks much better right?? We thought that we're heading home the next day..
At first, Dr thought that he's having Aspiration Pneumonia due to last choking episode. But X-ray result came back just fine. Lungs are clear..

Later at night, another nightmare came to visit. He was shivering but body temp was just around 37.2 and most of his body parts was very hard to be moved. Very stiff. Suddenly, his temperature shoot up to 40.4C and his pulse rate was nearly 200! His oxygen level also dropped. One hour after the nurse inserted a PCM suppository into his backside, the temperature started to go down. One long hour.
The scariest that I've seen so far. A scene that broke my heart into thousands of small pieces. 

But as always, my little fighter never fails to amaze me with his high spirit. My red warrior, my everything. This was him the next morning.. Climbing and walking, every where.

Steam inhalation for chess physio, performed daily.

Turns out, he's having URTI aka Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Viral infection at the breathing airways which explains why he had breathing difficulties  and yet lungs are all clear.
As of now, he's still at the hospital to complete the 3rd jab of Rocephin and most probably will be discharged today. But last night, I noticed that he was having several difficult-to-breath episodes. Will let the paed know once she comes in and see how it goes. In the meantime, please keep Rayyan Ariff in your prayers, friends.
Thank you!
Till then.


LydSunshine said...

terpaku kejap baca. kuatnya semangat rayyan ni.

Suliana said...

be strong mummy and rayyan. kuatkan smgt mu rayyan..

Ibu Cergas said...

Saya baca dah lama dah kisah rayyan.. abg rayyan dah makin besar.

sedihnya setiap kali membaca. Semoga cepat sembuh sayang.

Mama Iman & Hannan

Nieja said...

Kak, setiap kisah rayyan saya bace.. kuat betol semangat si kecil ni.. paling sy sedih tgk gambar yg last skali.. dalam xberdaye, ian masih xlepaskan mainan dia.. kak, tahniah yer kerana jd ibu yg kuat..peluk cium buat anak istimewa akak tuh. :))

Bonda Ryan said...

Allahurabbi..tiap kali baca tentang ian, bonda tahan sebak. kuat sungguh semangat hero akk nih. get well soon ian.anda kuat.

Hazrina Nasir said...

Lama tak lawat family ian. Dah besar panjang dah ian. Moga cepat sembuh ye ian. Super mama ian pun take care okay.

SyahNur said...

ian mmg strong boy.. same gagah dgn ibunya.. smg ian sentiasa dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik, insyaallah..

Mazatul Azura Muhamad said...

Be strong Rayyan & mummy... Semoga Allah memberikan yang terbaik for both of you..