Thursday, July 10, 2008

Being a ~MaMa~

I used to see my colleague at the offc went online to search for baby stuffs. And I thought that it's funny to do such things.. We will definitely loss the fun n joy of 'shopping' if we dont really see and touch the thing that we're gonna buy.. And I said to myself, well, I'm sooo not going to do that for my baby! Plus, what does baby know bout all the stuffs that we bought for him?

But now, my perspective have changed!Maybe this is a natural thing for all mother, especially the newbie like me. I feel like I want to buy everythng for my little Rayyan.. Regardless at the mall or online.. It will never be enuff.. (Bulan ni pokai sbb beli brg Rayyan je.. - I even went online to buy toys for him. Bila la dia nk start main!)

Another new thing that I love to do is tukar baju Rayyan Ariff smpi 3/4 kali sehari so that I can take lots of photo of him. When he was in NICU, he only wear diapers and they wrapped him in kain panas (tht's wht my mom call it..). Because of this, I envy all the babies that wear so many beautiful baju. I guess that's why I've turned Rayyan into my own and personal model, nk balas dendam!

Sleepy Rayyan..

Cant u see I'm asleep?

I'm trying to eat here!

All wrapped up. Freedom please!!


Pnut said...

hai Jiey, Rayyan nampak makin berisi..good...

dan mama rayyan sangat excited melaramkan anak teruna dia..eheheh..
tp jangan shopping banyak baju sangat, sebab diaorg ni cepat membesar, rugi nanti baju kejap je pakai...or kalau nak beli juga, biar besar sikit, so lama la sikit diaorg pakai...

tak sabar tunggu adik Alesya akak balik..lagilah teringin nak pakaikan dia dengan girl stuff..ehehe..maklumlah mmg lama teringin nak baby girl... and plus..lps ni mungkin no more baby for me kasi lepas semua pada yang telah diberi..

Anonymous said...

this is what i called.. in other word.. miracle.. :)