Friday, July 18, 2008

Still not enough..

Went to JJ yesterday to get a few things for Rayyan. And I end up with..

3 sleeveless n 1 short sleeves set, Pureen Petite combo set (small size cap, mitten n booties)..

Cotton puffs, baby soother (dulu ingat tanak bg isap puting, tp skrg teringin nk tgk plak..) n tollyjoy anti-wind feeding nipple.

Play gym, Hippo color book, fish rattle and Anakku rattle.

Last but not least... Musical toys!!! (This one actually was bought from Tp smpi hari yang sama..)

When the mother is pretty busy with taking photos and blogging, where is the little one???

Aawwwhhhh.. He's sleeping.. Good boy!

P/S - I wonder what else wll the mother buy??? Hmmm.. Membazir tak??!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that's like a HUGE, HUGE hint to Auntie Syeda

mental note to myself :

get stuffs for Ray*yan
get stuffs for Ray*yan
get stuffs for Ray*yan

kalo lupe lagi mmgla nk kene.. :)