Sunday, January 24, 2010

One tough cookie he is, and tougher he will be!!

We were at Taman Tasik Shah Alam earlier today, attending MBP First Anniversary Gathering. It was fun and I got to meet lots of bloggermommies in my bloglist. Too bad that I didnt bring my camera and too lazy to snap photos using my handphone.. I rather spent all those hours with eating and chit chatting with the mommies actually. :P
Nice meeting you guys!!
Feels like I've known them for years because there are such a bunch of friendly peoples .. And I really hope there will be more gath in the near future..
*~@sedang tunggu the mommies update blog coz nak cilok gambar.. :P~@*
One of the committee member was asking about Rayyan Ariff.. It's definitely because she has never come across this blog, let alone to read it.. **Maklumlah blog ini adalah tidak seberapa glemer**. One of her question that I remember the most is, "Nanti Rayyan boleh jalan ke?"
She's not the first one to ask that question. And I know for sure that she wont be the last one!.. =)
Honestly, I don't have the answer. But this is what I've gathered from the therapists and the doctors that have assessed him, they kept on telling me that;
"I'm very sure that he will walk! Once he can sit, the chances of him walking is high.. Because the balance is there and of course, human body works from upper to lower. First the head control, then the back which leads to creep and crawl, the sitting and last but not least, the walking. But don ask me when it will happen because I dont have the answer."
Having to have this idea, sometimes, it does make me wonder, what if it takes 3 or 4 years for Ian to walk? Or maybe longer than that since his muscle is still on the lower tone..
Well, we just have to walk through the pathway that has been set for us right? What more can we say other than to be thankful for what we have.. =)
My answer was that, "He will walk, and we're getting there.. But it's a hard work for sure.." With a smile..
Yes, it's a challenge for all of us. To make Rayyan Ariff put his feet down was surely a tough one. But later, we managed to make him bear his own weight. Then, we got him to stand against the wall by himself. And the next challenge is, to make him take step..
Owh it was not an easy one either.. He refused to lift up his feet because he needs both legs to balance himself. He needs both legs to support his body.. He also don't know how to hold his upper body straight..
And the biggest part of being a brain injured child is that, he doesn't has the idea of walking. He doesn't know that he needs to lift up his legs alternately to move from one place to another. When we made him walk, there were times where he just lift up both legs at one time which left him hanging in our hands..
But slowly and steadily, we're getting there..
And tonight, he took his steps more than he had ever did before. And most of the time, as expected, he walked towards the fan! =P

Sila ignore mama gemuk rambut pendek yang excited itu.. :P And sila focus pada Ian.. Look at how he changed his direction.. =)
At first, I was holding him under his armpit which gave him more support. Later, I held only his hands which gives him less support but amazingly, he can support his body by himself! =)
Since hubby was not interested to record it, I passed Ian to bibik and captured the moment by myself. But unfortunately, Rayyan Ariff was not cooperative with bibik. Malas kott.. Or maybe he just prefers mama more than anyone else.. :P

Still shaky.. That's why we need to focus more on the balancing!
So aunties and uncles, InsyaAllah, I will walk.. Dont ask me when because I also dont know.. But I know, both of my parents are going to be there for me.. They will walk with me until I no longer need their help.. That's their promise.. =) ~Rayyan Ian Ariff~
.*mulut comot makan nasik*
P/s - Owh, saya tidak marah atau terasa hati.. Sudah terbiasa dengan soalan sebegini.. Lagipun, menjadi lumrah untuk kita bertanya pada sesuatu yang luar biasa.. Takkan la nak tanya "Nape anak awak ensem eh??" Tak menarik kan? So might as well tanya, "Kenapa anak awak lain?" =)
~Mode : Masih teruja dengan pencapaian Ian~ :P
Menjadi obligasi untuk saya berkongsi tentang pencapaian Ian di sini, secepat mungkin.. Kerana sebagaimana teman2 seringnya berdoa untuk kesejahteraan Ian dan memberi kata-kata semangat di kala kami 'sakit' dan 'jatuh', maka harusnya kami khabar gembira ini diberitakan kepada teman2..
Terima kasih.. =)


My Life My Journey.. said...

Gemuk tak per asal sihat & hati senang, kurus sgtpun tak cun gak..:)

MeL said...

gud job Ian. insyaallah Ian bole berjalan ni, da nmpak improvement pun. sbr ye mama, nnti da jln mama kena kejar Ian berlari pulak hehe..nnti i update gathering td, ill load skali pic adek maniisss..seriously cair hati auntie tgk wajah Ian ;)

joegrimjow said...

this is my 1st time watching rayyan on video
n i got the clear view how hard u as a mother

gambate for rayyan!!

m@y said...


izan ishak said...

jiey...mmg itulah yg dinanti2kan.
setiap pencapaian ian adalah satu kebanggaan...
yay!!! ian mmg anak yg kuat...!

eRaY said...

let people talk until they are tired...i know u wont give up mama ian :) insyallah he'll get there soon

~Puteri-Nuur~ said...

go Ian go :)

A.I said...


auntie tunggu smp ryan bleh jalan sendiri. musti boleh punye la. nnt mama dah tak payah nk pegang2 ryan masa jalan lagi. kan ryan kannnnnnnn??

Jiji said...

Eh Jiey i teringat laa sepekara, Jiey pernah cuba bertunggku tak kat rayyan? batu sungai tu bakar atas stove dalam 20 mins gitu, cari daun pandan atau pucuk kaduk, taruk atas kain pelihat/batik, angkat batu tuh gunna mitten letak atas daun dan bungkus..

lepas tu tuam atau bawak rayyan pijak-pijak batu tuh.. boleh latih tindakan reflek rayyan kalo pijak batu suam suam tu

(kena bungkus tebal sebab panas!)

Tengku Nor Azah said...

semak anok mu nih Jiey. mu raso nnurung mung ko Alimin?

Pnut said...

happy for Ian...
Kiter tak sabar tunggu Ian jalan,
nanti leh kita pegi deting...


kak zue said...

hi jiey..
once he can steps,surely he'll walk..rasanya tak lama lg tu.
jiey jgn guna ian develope ms stregth kt kaki dia tu.

Zety Zin said...

tak dapat nak join gathering sebab sibuk kat ofis. huhu.

tak dapat nak tengok video sebab kena block kat ofis (ofis lagik). huhu lagik.

btw, Alhamdulillah ian dah mulakan langkah nya. tak lama lagi Insyaallah dah boleh lari pula. masa tu bolehlah jiey exercise mengejar anak. hehehe.

h4ni3 said...

Jiey.. tak perasan Jiey ada smlm. Nampak ada org pakai baju ada kaler2 biru, but i didn'y know that it was u. bila tgk blog org lain, baru la i was like.. laa.. yg tu ke jiey. sori ek. lgpun i was too shy nak tego org lain. apsal tah, bengong tul.. hihi

insyaAllah.. Ian boleh jalan! chaiyok2 Ian :)

tini said...

wah!! Sonok aunty dgr how ian progress lately. Ikut perkembangan ian dr sini, aunty yakin sangat2, ian will walk. And he will b able soon. I/allah SOON. Yakin mama, yakin!

puterikurekure said...

hoyeah! hoyeahhh!!!!!!!
alhamdulillah, syukur. seronok kite baca perkembangan Ian hari ni. sesuatu untuk dikongsi bersama en alang hari ni!

mummy_adam said...

wah.. bagus nyer Ian. good job boy!!

KIRIS's mom.. said...

really adore your strength..and i'm sure rayyan will be damn proud for having a parents like u n ur husband.. and yes, i'm certainly sure, he will walk one day.. :)

kiki lala said...

salam kak jiey..terharu melhat achievement Ian semakin baik everyday..tak pe IAN go slow n steady d sky is ur limit in achieving what u do since u r lucky to be surrounded by those who love n support u wif all their might...
besar sungguh jasa ibu memberikn yng terbaik utk anak nye.

CLAP CLAP N HI-5 for IAN...gambatee ne .. :)

toughcookie said...

it was me who asked that question. i am awed by your passion and patience walaupun i wouldn't really know how you went through it all. thank you for sharing this story with all of us mommies yang kadang2 cepat melatah pada simple things that feels so difficult to get through in a day when ada yang go through a more challenging phase in their lives. i don't know what else to say for fear of saying the wrong things so, i'll just say, congratulations for the little achievements and god bless.

Jiey^Mien said...

My life My journey:

Huhuhu.. Ye ke takpe kak?? Baju semua da takleh masuk.. Kena kuar duit beli baju.. Membazir..


InsyaAllah.. Harap2 by this year budak Ian ni da bleh jalan la ek..
Owh, nnt I check out your blog.. Thanks Dear..
*Mel adalah macam anak dara! Me jeles*


Rayyan is the one who has been working so hard.. Credit utk dia lah..


Thanks Auntie May..


kuat banyak jenis kuat..
kuat nangis pun dia.. =P


Trying to take it positively, I think people asked because they care.. =)


puteri nuur:
go abg idris go!


Kak A.I:
Masa tu nnt, Auntie A.I. kena la bagi adiah kat Ian..


Wahhhh.. Petua yang menarik!
Eager nak try nehhh..
Thanks a lot, friend!


Tengku Nor Azah:
Aku sokmo oyak ko ayoh dio, kalu semak, mesti sbb nurun aku..


Kak Pinut:
Deting kat mana wak?? Kita excited neh??
*berlari berkejaran, seindah bunga di taman.. lallalalla*


Jiey^Mien said...

Kak Zue:
Thanks a lot Kak!
A'ah.. Kena bg jalan byk2 utk develop muscle kan?
Kena bwk gi taman neh..


takpe.. takpe.. next timeleh gi lagi..

aduhaii.. ntah bila tu nk berlari tu.. kang lama plak nk tunggu..
start ngan diet je la dulu..


Tercarik2 gak hanie, bila dgr org sebut nama Khayra, mesti pusing..
Tapi bila tgk muka, bukan Raja Khayra.. Byk Khayra kot..
Takpe la.. next time ada rezeki leh jumpe gak..


Yakin! Yakin! dan terus yakin!


wahhhh.. en.alang kenal ian ke?


mummy adam:
thanks a lot auntie!


KIRIS' mom:
Will wait for that moment with patience..


Kiki Lala:
*Pok* Tepuk tangan high 5 ngan Kiki Lala..
Thanks dik..


that's why the title is "one tough cookie".. sempena "biskutkeras" hehheheh..

dont worry, serious, mmg tak terasa hati pun coz you put the words together nicely.. sometimes, it's not about asking the right question jer, it's also about asking the question right kan?
Honestly, the question that you've asked, was a question that I've been asking the doctors before..
Mmg kita nak tahu kan?


Rizziela said...

anti yakin...pasti Ian boleh jalan suatu hari nanti

sungguh kuat semangat Ian utk berjaya...syabas sayang

Farah said...

of course la ian tough kan! hehe dapat jugak jumpe jiey and ian kat gathering hari tu..shy boy rupenye ian ni..senyum manis lak tu.

yatie chomeyl said...

abe Ian yg hensem...syukur pada Allah. suko mokcik yatie tgk abe Ian bersungguh2 jale g kat kipas tuh hehe..kurs la mam alepas ni berambat dgn abe Ian *insya Allah* :)

Intan said...

Insya'Allah Jiey just be positive and yakin.

I'll believe one day lambat atau cepat he'll walk...then u'll be one proud happy mummy!

Caiyok caiyok Ian :D

Emmy said...

Ian encem boy lah! huhu....

Watie Aziz said...

ooo..sungguh terharu membaca entry nih...& I'm so impressed with Ian's development Jiey ...sure can ..sure!!..Sesuatu yg mustahil Watie rasa dulu pun telah berlaku pada Qarissa!..

I keep saying in my heart .."boleh ker Q baca nih? Boleh berjaya ker apa aku buat nih..." but I keep on doing the same thing everyday ..waiting for the result ..sebab jeles tgk anak mat salleh boleh buat .. walaupun ragu2, tapi i tak tunjuk depan Q .. but now, I rasa bangga sangat dengan Q ..dia sebenarnya yg ajar i - DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE WHAT I CAN DO MUMMY!! I TEACH U A VERY GOOD LESSON U KNOW!!!!...Hahhhaaa....