Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hopelessly romantic??? ~Definitely not!!

It was hubby's birthday on July, 12.. I  totally cant figured out what he wants as his birthday gift.. I ran out of idea because I think he has most of the things he needs like watches, new shoes, shirts, pants and his caps are still OK.

After much thinking, I know he would love to have new set of sport rims. No, of course I didnt bring the car to change those things, let alone to choose one.. It's better to let him choose because he knows better about all this things..

The first idea would be, giving him a bank draft which will be nicely put in a flowery and lovey dovey photo frame. But since it's a last minute plan and I dont want to go through the hassle of getting one and paid RM5 on top of the parking issues, I would rather give him cash.. 

To make the notes look nicer, I decided to fold it into heart shape. I even took the trouble to google the way to do it.. Haahahha.. Silly, right? I know.

Origami for dummies.. =P

Then I got a box for the notes.. *Yup, almost everything was done in the care* Ngeeee~

The notes are supposed to be folded right? Well, I'm too lazy to finish off 20 notes of RM50..

Put the folded notes nicely on the top..

Then, put the cover.. Comel eyhhh?? =P

Next step would be, penned down some mushy-mushy words..

Last but not least, put it at a noticeable place that he will definitely go to..

See, I told you guys from the beginnning that it's nothing. Cash instead of gift.. Totally not 'in'.. Well, as I grew older, I'm constantly having the brain drain episodes.. =P

Let's see, what would my 30th birthday gift be.. ~Gosh, I'll be 30 in 3 months time!! I'm olddd!! *with extra d* ~   >_<

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