Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuan Rayyan Ariff.. Puteri Rifa Aleesya..

Rayyan Ariff's tantrum is slightly better than before. Bukanlah dah totally OK, tapi a little bit better. We were about to bring him to see a child psychologist when we discovered that it's happening out of jealousy. Rayyan Ariff rasa jealous bila lots of attention is going to his baby sister and dia pun rasa intimidated by Adik as Adik grows. Iye la, selari dengan peningkatan usia, Adik pun dah ada her own perangai and ability. 

And then, I pun tau yang despite his disability, I'm forcing Rayyan Ariff to 'grow up' when Adik is around. For example, kalau malam nak masuk tidur, sambil dukung Adik, I made him walked into the room. Sebelah tangan dukung Adik, sebelah tangan pimpin Abang.. Hmm.. Kalau ada daya, dua-dua pun Mama nak dukung nak.. Biar adil. 

Yesterday, I came home early and Adik was asleep. So puas la melayan Rayyan Ariff before Rifa Aleesya woke up. Memang nampak the difference. Less tantrum and more 'Rayyan Ariff' in that little boy.. :-)

Some more, his tantrums happened mostly when Ayah and Mama were around. So it's obvious that he's seeking our attention.. Takpe, slowly kita overcome this problem together although it may require screaming here and there and patience running low and lower.. Muahahhaa..

On another note, this is Adik Rifa Aleesya at 8months and 10days young! I know, hands clapping and hands shaking at this age is practically normal. But being me, since I'm so used in being a mother to a special needs child, sometimes I looked at her as 'advance' and 'superb'.. Pardon me, but Rayyan Ariff was doing the same at the age of 13months old, so agak jakun di situ! Muahahhaha..

Maybe another reason is that, I dont get to spend lots of time to teach her things as compared to Rayyan Ariff.. So bila she picked things up on her own, I'm super impressed. :-)

Love you Adik. A lot and much, much more!!



eray said...

salam jiey, lama x jenguk ke sini. wahh rifa dh besar, same wif sofhea...kadang2 rase cm nak belah badan to give equal attention kan....

Eliss Mie said...

mcm mana la nuha bila dah ada adik kek gi..haissh, tak terfikir !