Monday, November 17, 2008

Majlis cukur jambul

Entry yang tertunda.. Hehehhe..

We had this majlis cukur jambul for Rayyan on 12.10.2008 (a day after my birthday – yes peeps, I’m no longer 25!! Aarrghhh..). It was just a simple majlis held at my PIL’s place in Rawang.

At first, I want to have majlis berendoi for Ian as well.. But since no one was available to decorate the buai, so I just used his crib la.. Put some flowers & leaves on it, then, it’s ready to go..

For the menu, my MIL prepared nasi dagang served with gulai ayam and ikan, nasi lemak, bihun goreng & nasi impit with kuah kacang.

My FIL had asked the marhaban group to keep everything short since we’re afraid that Ian akan melalak (kitorg dh siap standby pacifier k..). To our surprise, he was sooo baik and well-behaved during the entire ceremony. Bagus betul, bleh wat majlis lagi ni utk Ian.

Proses gunting cukur jambul - dengar tak bunyi orang marhaban tu?? Cam x clear jer ek..

Ayah got to do the walk of honor! Jeles k! (Kalau pompuan yang marhaban, mesti saya yg dpt bawak Ian kan? Kan? Tapi FIL kata, lagi afdhal orang laki yang marhaban. Coz suara pompuan tu aurat.. Tak kisah la.. layan jer..)

Thank you for coming Mama Biey, Mak Eiy & Auntie Puteri..

After the ceremony. Mind my tudung.. I was in a hurry smpi x sempat nk pki tudung.. Ade ke majlis start kul 815am??? Orang surau habis kuliah subuh tu.. Huehuehue..

P/s – I could say that I had a great time. But it doesn’t feel complete since my family xde, except for my little brother (who was fashionably late!! Thanks to my beloved friends. Majlis starts kul 830am, diorg smpi kul 10am). Thanks to Yus & Arza gak coz sudi dtg dlm ujan2 n bawak baby Hannah!

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