Monday, November 17, 2008

Look who's talking..

Mulut Ian memang selalu bising.. Lately ni jerr dah ala2 sunyi sket.. Lg byk observe drpd bercakap.. Kalau kat physio session dia, mulut dia la yang plg bising.. Smpi most of the therapist there akan singgah kat tempat Ian and say hi to him. Just because he's loud..

Mind the mother k.. She's really fat at the moment. Will go on diet soon! Hehhehe.. On the hair, yes, it is sooo short. Since I'm suffering from a serious hair loss, I decided to cut it short!

This is one of the thing that makes me love spending time with Ian. Compared to the old days when he used to sleep at all time. Well pre-term babies are like that. Maybe bcoz they're still supposed to be in mommy's womb, so that's why even if there're outside, they still sleep a lot! You can see in this clip that Ian is still having problem in holding his head up straight. But lately, he's getting better at it. Hopefully in 1 week or 2, he'll be able to do it; fully!

Another new trick that he has learned is laughing. He started to do it about 3 weeks ago. I guess it's not a big thing to others. But to me, anything that my boy manages to do, is a big accomplishment. Not just to me, to the doc as well. From our last visit, the doc is quite impressed with Ian's condition and he's ability. He's doing good actually. Walaupun x meniarap lagi, it's not that bad since his corrected age is only 4 months. We don't want to push him too much or giving him so much preassure.. Having to keep him is already a bless because most of the doctor foresee that he might not be able to make it..

Ian's playing with his uncle. Towards the end of the clip, you can hear Ian's laughing. (Gelak smpi muntah susu..)

I guess he loves playing with his uncle and vice versa coz since we have Ian, Uncle x pernah miss dtg umah kitorg 3/4kali seminggu! Agaknya maybe sbb Ian ni cucu 1st in my side of the family, tu yang semua excited tuh!

P/s - My x-classmate, Auntie Lily came to visit Ian last saturday. She spent the whole day at our place. Thanks for coming dear.. Had a great time! We should do it more often.. And to Auntie Ya, Happy BefdaYY!! Slmt 26 tahun!! Mak Eiy, bo lah bbaloh nge befday gal nyoh.. Hehehheh..


Anonymous said...

Dah sihat tu pun syukur byk2 la Jiey wehhh


Anonymous said...

KUAT GI NGUBEY UMOH JEE ari tuh..makey banyok = gemook la weh

Jiey^Mien said...

Xleh makey byk2 Ly, mu keno diet.. Aku pom keno jgk sbb nak gi majlis saing2.. Lamo gak gemuk daley gamba.. Huhuhu.. Nk kurus blk!!!

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

owh, kelate ruponyo...senegeri nga abah kito la ni..

Jiey^Mien said...

Hehhee.. Kelate.. Kelate..