Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend with family and friends..

Had a makan2 last night.. Penat mmg penat but we had a great time changing stories and giving updates on what's happening in our live..
At first, Syila told me she wanna come to my hse. Since I need to cook for Syila n hubby, might as well I invite other uni-mates as well.. Then I gave the gang a call. But only Nurul n Yantie are available. So it's just going to be the 3 of us (of course la with our family kan..). Dh besar anak Syila.. Cumil sgt.. Putih benar.. La, bila aku dh ade baby gal nnt, aku chupp "Manja" ko wat menantu tauuuu!!"
Coz I still have hutang spaghetti with Fad, I invited her and E skali.. The best part is, Lily pn ada. So she also tagged along.. The food was great.. We had Spaghetti, nasi goreng, satay, popiah, cucur, big apple donut, secret recipe's rasberry cheese cake, and fruits.. Tak byk, tp mmg full la..
Seronok hidup dikelilingi oleh org yang kita sayang!! Wish my gewe was wth us.. Tp coz it was last minute and I was thinking of having my uni-mate only, tu yg x ajak tuh.. Huhuhu.. Sori gewe n young.. Saya hutang kamu spaghetti yea..
That's all for today.. Pasni ade invitation kat umah my colleague plak.. Leh bwk Ian jln kat tasik Putrajaya yg glamer nun.. Hehhehe..
P/s - I wish, in the future, I cud spend more time with the peoples that I love and love me in return!! Cheers to Luv, family and friendshippp.. Errr, maybe pasni bleh wat gath ngan online friends plakkk??? Hehehhehe..


nellyberry said...

dtg putra*jaya tuh, let me know la...bole jumpa kat Tasik tuh. hehe ;p

Jiey^Mien said...

X smpt la nan.. Kejar nk blk b4 maghrib.. :P