Saturday, July 17, 2010


I was talking about the developmental assessment that Rayyan Ariff's Paed is planning to do on him in my post yesterday.. And not just that, I was asking myself, "What more do I have to give to be stronger?"
Because knowing something and getting a confirmation on the fact is totally 2 different things. Knowing about the delay in general, can still give you room to digest it slowly and steadily.. You'll have the benefit of being ignorant. But to have the details of the delay right before your eyes, is totally a brutal hit!!
I really hope that I dont have to face it. But there's no way for me to run or hide. You have to do something that you have to do. Fullstop.
. Bila sakit sudah sebati, tiada lagi ruang untuk merasa sakit!
Do you think I'm exaggerating about all this assessment thingy? Well, think again! Last nite, when I was bloghopping, I came accross this blog. She was talking about the same thing.. And she put her words nicely that it perfectly reflect all the worries that I have..
The test will focus on everything that Rayyan Ariff cant do..
- Rayyan Ariff cannot talk yet
- Rayyan Ariff cannot walk yet
- Rayyan Ariff cannot do so many things although he's already 2 years old!!

That's the way the test will look at my baby.. Whereas, I'm looking at him in totally opposite direction.. There's so many things that he can do and he's now figuring on how to do it. He's reaching for it, he just need some times.. That's it!


yatie chomeyl said...

btul tu jiey...bakpo la nok gi fokus bendo hok tokleh buat. ac try higlight bendo yg budok2 ni dh bjaya buat. bakpo nok gi karut kosir nyakit hati dgn perform test gini kan....takpo jiey, lagu2 mano pon or etahu abe Ian akan berjaya lalui 'test' lain yg lebih besar yg menanti dio.

abe Ian dh buktikan yg 'test2' sebelum ni dio bjaya hadapi..semesek 'test2' lain ni..insya Allah :)

nisa said...

Kuatkan semangat utk Rayyan... dan sentiasa carikan sesuatu permainan dan pembelajaran utk Rayyan supaya Rayyan sentiasa ada peningkatan yang progresif... biar lambat, asalkan Rayyan gembira dgn apa yang dilakukannya, kegembirannya adalah paling penting..jika hati sedih, mengadulah pada-NYA..insyaallah hati akan menjadi tenang dan bersemangat kembali

Papa, Mama & Azra said...

Takpe lambat Jiey sebab suatu hari nanti pasti Rayyan akan jadi kuat dan berupaya melakukan apa yang baby lain buat.

Jiji said...

hmmm...jiey if i could find one single word to comfort you.. i'll type in here thousand times....