Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giving the best to your precious one with Mamil Gold!! :-)

Earlier today, I was talking to a good friend of mine about breastfeeding. She just delivered a baby boy 3 months ago and she’s really into breastfeeding. In fact, she’s really serious in supporting me to breastfeed Baby RA.. InsyaAllah, I will try my best.

This particular friend was telling me about the benefits of breast milk and how studies had shown that babies that were given breast milk perform better academically and have higher IQs compared to formulated-fed babies. This is due to the fact that breast milk has very high DHA that can helps in brain development.

With Rayyan Ariff, I only managed to breastfeed him directly twice when he was in NICU. During the 45 days period he was in NICU, I continuously expressed every 3 hours to maintain my milk production but the expressed milk were not given to him based on his doctor’s advice. When he was discharged from NICU, he rejected expressed breast milk and also, breastfeeding because he has been introduced with formula milk since he was a few days old.

Not wanting to let him drop his weight which may cause lots of complication on him, I gave in to him and feed him with formula. But of course, I tried my very best to choose for the right formula so that the nutrient that he’s getting would be able to substitute with what he has lost. If not 100%, at least something that is very similar to what he has lost for not taking breast milk.

Considering his brain condition, DHA level is also something that I really focused on. It has always been my priority in considering formula milk for Rayyan Ariff. Now, Rayyan Ariff is taking Mamil Gold and I’m so happy with the fact that it contains 5X DHA!! 5 times is a big number OKKK!! :-) 

Mamil Gold is recognized by doctors and scientists from 33 countries. It has key essential vitamins and minerals that are building blocks to give our child a solid foundation in life.

With the large consumption of DHAs, yes, my severely brain injured little boy is very smart considering the trauma that he has went through! And according to his Speech Therapist, certain areas of his cognitive level are in accordance to his actual age. No serious delay! What a miracle he is kan?? :-)
Colouring and scribbling are among his favorites!
And this is the latest game that we introduced to him. It can help him to improve his fine motor skills as he needs to put the coin inside the small hole. And look at the way he put the coins in, it’s a pattern that he established on his own, yellow with yellow and red with red.. Just like what his speech therapist has expected. First, a child will just randomly put it in and after a while, he or she will establish a pattern of her own! And so did Rayyan Ariff!! Yup, that’s my smart little boy..
And of course, another best thing about Mamil Gold is that, it contains IMMUNOFORCE which is the only growing up milk powder that has a unique combination of oligosaccharide (food for good bacteria) and only this combination of 90% GOS and 10% lcFOS is scientifically proven to help support a child's developing immune system. And guess what, IMMUNOFORCE is found ONLY in Mamil Gold!!
When I took Rayyan Ariff to Lumut with me last week, again, I forgot his Vitamin C and I was so scared that he might get sick.
In general, the weather was uncertain as there were days that rain poured heavily and there were also days with bright sunshine. My husband brought Rayyan Ariff here and there and there were times when the rain got onto him! And there were definitely times when Rayyan Ariff was sweating due to the hot weather.
Fortunately, he did not fall sick at all and was happily exploring his world.. Some researchers also said that immunity is an important attribute that mothers look for in a growing up milk, even more important than brain benefits! This is simply because, without a strong immune system, the brain benefits may be compromised as only a healthy child is able to accelerate his learning. I’m really thankful that I made the right choice by giving Mamil Gold to Rayyan Ariff!! :-)
What I really love about the new Mamil Gold is that, it has increased IMMUNOFORCE and added with increased levels of DHA with key essential vitamins and minerals to support our child's immune system! 

Another great news for mommies out there is that, Mamil Gold is now available in a sucrose free premium formula. Sucrose? It’s actually the organic compound commonly known as table sugar. With sucrose free formula, Mamil Gold is definitely a healthier choice kan? 
Ayah and healthy Ian are all set for travelling!! :-)

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