Tuesday, August 16, 2011

List keeps on growing!!

Have been wanting to write something meaningful but need to hold my thought first due to so many reasons..
Will do so if time permits..
Too many things that need to be done with so little time and resources.. Workload in the office is increasing like nobody’s business *how I wish I could just shut down like certain peoples*.. I’ve not even started with baju raya hunting, 2 postponed appointments with my gynea, car(s) need to be sent for servicing, raya cookies are still out of reach.. Rayyan’s hearing aid’s mould  need to be settled before raya.. And the list keeps on growing-lah!
Talking about time management, huh? :-)
How I wish it's already hari raya.. Missing my mom n dad so much!! =(
P/s - InsyaAllah, will be entering 3rd trimester next week.. Time really flies! And we're yet to start preparing Baby RA's stuffs.. Huhuhu.. Nervous mak!!


alyyani said...

takut nak buat list weh!

littlehumblelynn said...


meh sini kita tolong belikan raya stuff utk awak ok..kesian ibu2 mengandung nak berjalan tgh sesak2 ni..

wah nak masuk 3rd term dah..best2..dah start sakit pinggang lum>?

Mama Kembar 3 said...

comeinya rayyan pakai baju melayu, encem abih lah! Takpa jiey, pelan pelan still got 2 wks before raya, sempat lagi :-)

Kak Nie said...

Dear Kak,

Need a hand ?