Thursday, September 28, 2017

Young Living Essential Oils for the whole family!

Looking for something natural for your house and been hearing about Essential Oils?

Essential Oils were very alien to us when we first heard about it more than 3 years ago. Little that we know, they have been around for thousands of years!

We began our journey with Young Living Essential Oils in May 2014 and just couldn’t live without it ever since. When we first started, we were as much sceptical as any other person could be. How can something so tiny be so expensive and people are actually buying it and getting themselves addicted to it? To kill our curiosity, we did what others also do, turned to Google for information. It was mind blowing to note that back in thousands of years ago, people actually use it in spiritual and physical healings. How cool is that?

Soon after, we started using the oils on our kids, one of them having special needs that is, cerebral palsy. The kiasu mommy mode: always tried something good and expensive onto their children. Lol. Fast forward to 3 years later, we are super happy that we actually got ourselves into this oily journey. Now, the whole family are just addicted to it. We are essential oils addicts!

Essential oils work superb with our bodies, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come.

You can buy Essential Oils at many places, but Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. Young Living offers therapeutic-grade oils for your natural lifestyle. Once you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature's pure essence.

And when we first started, we had a great support (still getting it) from our oily community/oily group. In the group, everyone is just so passionate to share each other’s knowledge about Essential Oils on the best way to use it, where to use it, when to use it and so on so forth (YOU CAN BE PART OF THE GROUP TOO!). Oh we have classes too, be it online and also hands on.

We use the Essential Oils daily in so many ways:-
-       *Lavender is so versatile that we use it in our skin care products up to our relaxing routines. Try diffuse it by your bed at night before you go to sleep, you will be surprised to note how relaxing the aroma can be!
-       *Peppermint, oohh the strong refreshing minty aroma invigorates mind and senses! Apply it on your skin, it creates a cool tingling sensation making it just great for sport massage! Mommies, just imagine the sensation that you can get after that long tiring day from Peppermint EO!
-       *Frankincense, we use on our kids, on our skin and just everywhere. This ancient oil can help to elevate spiritual experiences and can also maintain radiant skin.
-       *Panaway, the cooling sensation upon topical application of it on tired muscles, can really sooth you up!
-      Brain Power, we use it on our kids before they go to school and on ourselves too, to promote a sense of clarity and increase focus.

Essential oils are more than nice scents, these powerful plant extracts have been our path to the lifelong wellness and it can be yours too.

Not just from a user aspect, from the business opportunity aspect that Young Living offers too. We are thankful that ever since we started building up our oily business, we are now able to work from home, be near with our kids throughout the day and bid farewell to the madness of morning traffics to work as well. Thank God for that.

Interested to know more about Young Living? Do reach us via
Whatsapp : (Just a click away)

Interested to sign up as a Young Living member? Just click and fill up the details. Let us guide you with your oils and any enquiries that you may have!

*These oils can be obtained by pirchasing this Premium Starter Kit at RM756 and it comes with free membership. There are 13 oils and a diffuser, 2 sachet of Ningxia (wolfberry juice), sample packet oils, sample bottle, roller cap, thumb drive with product info. Should you wish to buy the 13 oils plus the diffuser individually, it will cost you RM1200. So at RM756, it is such a great deal right? 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Since March 2017, saya adalah student kursus Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, drpd Body Intelligence Training

Apa itu BCST? Ni saya explain dalam bahasa paling mudah, bahasa pasar. Cranio ni dia promote self healing. Cranio percaya yg badan ada self healing ability, macam luka kena pisau ke, dia boleh sembuh sendiri. Tapi kadang-kadang, trauma/kecederaan tu terlampau hebat dan tak dapat badan nak heal sendiri. Therapist pulak act as "listener", untuk dengar/rasa keperluan badan melalui SENTUHAN LEMBUT atau pun light touch, dan encourage healing untuk berlaku. Susah ke belajar Cranio? Susah jugak pada saya. Kerja sekolah pun banyak. Perlu badan untuk practice lagi for students like me. Kenapa capital letters sentuhan lembut tu? Hahaha jenuh nak explain yang saya tak mengurut. 

And BCST ni takde kena mengena dengan essential oils. It is a modality on its own. 

When I did BSCT on my practice clients, of course la ada yang tak rasa, ada yg rasa. Student kan, belum lah level therapist. But Alhamdulillah, about 70% bagi good feedbacks.

Those early days, most of my practice clients ended up terlena siap pakej berdengkur. Most of them. So I went back to my tutor, asking whether I did something that is influencing their system tu yang ramai ended up package snoring and better sleep quality bagai.

The tutor replied that most of us are tired, stillness and state of balance awareness yang kita practice when we were doing on our clients can be pretty calming and invite resting to take place. So memang okay aje org tertidur and berdengkur coz body can find healing through good rest.

Yang later punya practice sessions, most of my clients ended up with jerking movements. As much as I am aware that jerking can be equivalent to some adjustments n fixing are taking place, tapi pelik la jugak kenapa almost 70% of them yg macam tu. Again terfikir, as a practioner, did I do something yg influenced clients' system ke? Kalau satu takpe la, ni ramai. Dah tu, takkan semua org ada pretty similar issues. Pelik. Pelik.

Tanya lagi tutor, and she replied, bila jerking movements happened, the body is starting to release and finding reliefs. After the jerkings, later akan jadi more settle kan? Could also be that now your relational field is getting bigger and better, so you can initiate more relieving things to come in.

Okay this is exciting to hear. Even though before ni rasa at the verge of quitting sebab rasa susah nak proceed, now rasa semangat and tak sabar to explore more. Oh I'm just more in love with biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Try it if you havent peeps!

This sem, focus is on bone, esp pelvis. Altogether ada 10 Sem and I just finished Sem 4 semalam Really had fun and I do have firmer belief of BCST works as time goes by. At the beginning of hearing about the modality, I always thought that it is very much of a con job 😂😂Now I have very much respect towards the work. It's not an easy one, but it is definitely very beautiful!

So now, back to writings, lots and lots of readings, drawings and more practice sessions. We have to complete the homestudies in 1 and a half month (2 weeks before the next Sem starts). 

Kaku tangan nak siapkan lukisan ni wehhh.. 

Budak Finance belajar anatomy badan. Huhuhu.. Nak menitik ayaq mata. Tapi now dh pandai dah sket, tau la mana zygomatic, sphenoid, suture, coccyx, apa ke benda ntah lagi. Hahahah.. 

Us at the end of Sem 4. 

It's a 2 years program. Harap2 dapat la grad on time and becoming a certified Craniosacral Therapist in 2019. Rayyan benefited a lot from the therapy, so mak dia pergi la belajar. Next, macam nak jd certified Aromatherapist la pulakkk.. 

Doakan sisthur! Jenuh belajar ni, otak agak keras sket. Hehek.