Friday, November 15, 2019

Nak jadi ahli Young Living?

One day special. 
Esok, 16hb.
Beli set ni, terus jadi member. 
Harga set RM750, dpt free gift bernilai RM600. 
Best wei.
Rugi tau kalau terlepas. Tak selalu offer sebegini ada.
Banyak nau oils? 
Takpe akak ajar pakai cemana. 
Percayalah, oils banyak mana pun tak pernah cukup. 
Semedang perlu lebih. 🤣

Monday, February 11, 2019


Proud of this lil girl who took care of her brother quite well, while mama could just sit outside waiting. She followed him everywhere and make sure he’s okay.

Somehow, I think we’ve trained her well in this department, to include the brother regardless what.
Few times I noticed, she is the one who insisted for the brother to tag along.

“Rifa, if you want to go to Sunway Lagoon with Rayyan, you cant go on all those rides. You know Rayyan doesnt like moving things. We can only play at Nickelodeon pool.”
“It’s okay, mama. I want Rayyan to go. I dont mind just playing at the pool.”

“Rifa, are you sure you dont want to go to Alaska? If you dont want to go because Rayyan could not come, this wont be the only trip that he couldn’t come. There’ll be more..”
“I wont be all happy if Rayyan is not with us, Mama. Can you tell your boss, Uncle Franco to ask everyone who’s going there not to use Thieves and RC, mama?”

“Rifa, if you want to go to an indoor playground, where can Rayyan sit? You know he doesnt like to be in those places and he will get mad seeing other kids running.”
“Dont worry mama, let just bring him. I’ll play with him so that he will enjoy himself. I’ll take care of him and make sure he’s okay. Okay, mama?”