Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mamil Gold pilihan saya!!

I guess, when it comes to choosing the right milk brand for our children, all mommies have their own checklist to tick. So do I! Before this, besides DHA levels in Rayyan Ariff’s milk, I was also concerned with his slow weight gaining issues and opted for something that can help him in that area. But it doesn’t settle his problem in total as he was still facing the same problem. On top of that, he always gets sick pretty easily. Due to this, I know that I need to make some amendments on the checklist and find a milk brand that is ‘strong’ enough to protect him. 
Then I came across Mama Mil facebook fan page almost a month ago and was definitely thrilled with the info that I’ve found on the page. There was this one video advert on the fan page that talks about Mamil Gold have this key ingredient that is called IMMUNOFORTIS that can help to boost our children’s immune system!
I guess most of us are familiar with Mamil Gold TV commercial that is very entertaining. It shows how solid foundation can protect a ‘house’.. Let me introduce you to the stars of the TV commercial:
The Cloud:

The Rain:

Though The Cloud and The Rain are so powerful that they could destroy;
The Stick House and
The Straw House easily,

They were totally unable to even move the house that has the stronger foundation that is;

The Brick House!!
I guess the TV commercial is clearer now after seeing the above characters kan?? *Comel je ehh.. Tuan kecik memang excited every time tengok iklan neh.. Mata terpaku kat TV terus..*
Excited with the information that I got, I bought one for my little Rayyan soon after!! ~Sebab anak mokcik ni, since skolah ni kan mudah nar demam + selsema, almost every month~ (-_-)
 *Model kecik pose dengan Mamil Gold beli-emergency-kat Pasaraya Ceria sebab Mama dia balik kampung tertinggal susu anak, boleh?* =P
It has been almost a month since I gave Mamil Gold to Rayyan Ariff. Believe it or not, so far Tuan Kecik ni tak demam or selsema pun lagi. Alhamdulillah.. *Hope it continues this way lah kan*
At first, I think that it could be because he has been consuming his Vitamin C consistently, sebab tu tak demam. Tapi since balik kampung ni, he’s not taking any at all. *Sekali lagi, Mama cuai tertinggal Vitamin anak pulak*. And believe me, if I said the weather there was sooo hot, it really was! *Panas tahap kena bukak kipas or aircond tahap max OK!!* 
Of course makcik takut la. With this kind of hot weather, anyone can fall sick easily.. But my little hero was happily exploring around with his laugh and cheeky smile.. *Kalau biasa, memang dah tunjuk signs nak selsema or demam dah*.. I think, Mamil Gold really works! Totally recommended to mak-mak out there-lah!!
 Budak mulut comot makan mangga pakai jersi Red Warrior atuk bagi.. Sesekali Little Red Warrior balik melasak kat kampung.. *Ayah hangin jer tengok, balik terus nak carik jersi Red Giant pulak*=P
Oh one more thing, if you buy Mamil Gold now (till 31st May), you will get a lunch box for FREE! Yes, I spelled it correctly, PERCUMA.. *Sape tak suka barang free wehhh*.. Excited la tuan kecik gi skolah bawak lunch box comel.. Silap-silap, jeles kawan-kawan kat school.. =P
 ~One healthy baby, one happy family~ @Selalu nyanyi lagu ni kat Rayyan Ariff masa dia baby dulu@~
So mommies, meh kita pakat-pakat beli Mamil Gold meh.. *pastu anak-anak sibuk nak makan nasik dalam lunch box comel even kat umah pun* =P


Rozuan Ismail said...

huhu..suka mamil gold ye.wan dulu pon minum susu dumex 123 masa kecik.mamil gold ni jenama sekarang.dulu jenama dumex.mak cerita habis beribu2 beli susu.sebab lepas sebulan lahir,x nak dah minum susu ibu.

p/s mak sembunyikan botol susu tapi dpaat jugak dihidu dan jumpa.oo yeah!!

MRS. K said...

tengah meriki2 nak tukar susu hadif jugak.. nanti dah 4 taon mau tukar susu lah!

Yaati Nor said...

dah baca 2 blog pasal mamil golg nie..apa beza dgn enfagrow?

Jiji said...

have u consider giving him mushroom? goreng brown mushroom with garlic+halia and a lil drop of oyster sauce. dah dekat nak masak tu.. letak air sikit buat kuah kat nasik..

2 bulan i kasi anis makan terus takde langsung batuk selsema until i ran out of mushroom.. last week..

selalu i goreng ikan tenggiri.. buat brown mushroom sauce tu taruk atas ikan/ayam goreng.

very easy!!

Ma Ri Ni said...

After reading some articles and sharing with friends, me myself would prefer UHT milk than any of those Formula Milk :). Now is still mixing both formula and UHT to my 17 months old baby boy. He is still adapting the plain taste of UHT milk compare to his sweet taste formula milk. Insyaallah, soon, he will be fully consume UHT milk :)

me suya said...

tataw apa2 pasal susu..
tapi tetap suka baca sebab ada kaitan ng RA :)

Puteri Nuur At-Terawis said...

sponsored post! :P