Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Entry from my previous blog

It’s been a while… well, when I am too busy being happy, I jst couldn’t find enuff time to update ths blog… :P

Last time I was thinking of doing ths regularly. But I guess it is jst nt me.. tho I gt distinctions for both bahasa, still, writing is not my thing… muahahahha… I'm suppose to post my update on life after marriage… my first tomyam (which is a bit salty), my first sambal udang (hubby said jst nice. :P), my first half-boiled egg (it’s not even half done – hahhahah)…. And the title is “My First of Everything”…

Unfortunately, I didn’t gt chance to post it out… got problem with my PC @ home, n I’m 80% sure that I’ve lost everything that I’ve saved in that PC. Well, I’m not going to re-write that one coz altho i did, 1st touch wll never b d same…

Got piles of works on my desk but I’m not in d mood anymore… cant wait to go back. It’s almost 515… my last day in d SC wll b on 24th July (due to my resignation, I don’t really hv files anymore… L … ) cant describe my feeling to leave such a great organization. I’ve met lots of professional n super-friendly ppl here in d SC. Plus, not everybody gt chance to be in Regulator’s shoes… N d interview, pheww… d stages r jst getting tougher… One of my frenz went 4 d interview twice 2 get a scholarship to save a place in the SC but couldn’t gt in… I oso dnt knw why, she’s damn gud!

But still lots of ppl dnt knw wht SC is… they thot it is a security guard company. When I need to explain, this is wht I normally used… Like Bank Negara Malaysia regulates d banks and all financial institutions, the SC regulates brokers, investment banks & unit trusts companies (tho we r doing more than diz…)..

Whatever it is.. I’ve made up my mind… so, sayonara SC… huhuhu.. cant believe I’m doing diz.. at least nt now!


Anonymous said...

lama ku tunggu brite “how’s marriage’s life” dari kamu.

nape resign? got better offer huh?
nway, all the best for both marriage’s life n career!

Jiey^Mien said...

hehehehe.. kamu yg harus go through marriage life ni… cam x saba je nan? InsyaAllah, ramai lg ‘Dia’yg lebih baik (i;m referring to ur blog…) n gal like u, it’s not hard to get 1 then u’ll b perfectly happy…

resign coz of better offer… lg pun kalo dok dgn government agency lama2 takut jd malas plak nk kuar… (I know u know coz u oso hv to report to d Ministry… )