Friday, August 17, 2007

Tenderness of a wife atau kemengada-ngadaan seorang isteri? :P

Entry from my previous blog

Just finished talking to hubby jst nw.. ok lar.. marriage doesn’t stop him from calling me at least twice a day.. Hope nothing would stop him from doing so. My friends kata, ye la.. baru2 kawin, org tgh happy mestila camtu.. tp we've been doing ths since a couple of years back.. plus, ade je couple yg dh tua pn still jalan sama2 n holding hands lagi.. InsyaAllah.. Cuba kekalkan sampai ke tua..

Happy ke? Actually we don’t have to tell other people about everything.. if it is almost transparent, ppl can alwiz see it clearly.. At 1 time, even my mom notices it.. The way he looks at me, it’s not just ordinary looks. Mommy penah ckp ms blk kg ari tu.. “Eii.. jelesnya la haii.. asyik tenung je.. dari jauh pn dia pandang jer.. macam x puas2 pandang.. abah x penah pn pandang mommy camtu.. ms mula2 kawin dulu pn xde..”

When I asked him not to do it in front of others especially my parents, he simply replied.. “salah ke abang pandang isteri abang.. I want to capture all of your movement in my head.. in my heart.. so that I cud never forget u..” (lbh kurang camni la..) bila dia ckp cam ni, malu la plak.. well, I just dnt handle romantic thingy very well.. (Pd hal dlm ati berbunga riang.. getik la plak)
I think it is jst who he is.. don’t mind about revealing his feelings, don’t care bout me knowing his weaknesses.. x kisah bila berbicara soal perasaan.. some people said that malay man ni x romantic.. xnk express sumer ni.. tp he doesn’t mind it at all.. Luv is smthing tht need to be reminded, so it needs to be expressed with words and perbuatan..

I’m still adapting myself to marriage life. Susah rupanya kalo dh biasa idup dgn kawan2 yg riuh rendah n tetiba nk idup berdua je (dh la dia jenis mmg sejak azali lg x byk ckp).

Plg mencabar ms marah, dulu marah leh switch off handphone and totally shut him out. Ni marah pun dia ade depan mata, ish rasa nk sepak2 jer.. Especially during weekend, ms kita penat2 dr pg smpi ke ptg x berenti wat keje rumah n he jst sit there and watch TV. Panas btul! Maybe we need to divide the chores equally kot.. kalo housewives xpe la.. ni working women.. hehheheh.. Tp alhamdulillah, when it comes to his part, hubby jenis yang x payah nk suruh2 n bkn jenis pengotor yang suka letak brg bersepah or buang puntung rokok merata (mmg la tak coz dia x merokok).. Sampah pn xyah suruh gi buang, tau je timetable dia.. dh rajin tolong jemur kain.. stakat ni 2 tu je.. xpe.. xpe.. akan diasuh lagi..

Tp org laki ni pandai, time kita marah dia tau je nk tackle camne. So xleh nk marah lama2.. Guys, one of d way to calm her down is to hug ur wife (sambil mintak maaf).. Indescribable moment, bila kita dlm pelukan org yg kita sayang.. marah pn x jd nk lama2.. P/s – gals can oso do it. A friend use to say, x salah seorang isteri berlembut dgn suami, sbb nnt dia nyer reward tu mmg mengkagumkan.. As for her tenderness n willing to mengalah with her husband, hubby dia selalu belikan dia smthng.. best woo..

I used to think that I’ve chosen him so I’m stuck with him for the rest of my life.. (coz when we were dating last time, quite a number of guys approached me.. - perasan sket.. but no worries, it happened to most all of the gals out there, not jst me.. oso happened to u kan? yea.. u yg tgh baca ni la). Kadang2 tuhan bg options so that idup x la mendatar.. At one point, there’s a doctor, architect, engineer etc.. tp dh jodoh dgn hubby kuat n of course I ddnt regret it..

In fact, I’ve alwiz think if I end up wth the architect or any1 else, would they be as gud as hubby? I dnt thnk they can match him in certain sense.. I know how deeply hubby loves me.. n sometimes I did take him for granted (as human being, some of the time u did feel that u r better than others, aite?).. When I behave that way, this is wht I got from a friend who knows the story.. “Ape la u ni.. x baik treat dia camtu tau.. kesian dia.. put it ths way, not everybody cn be there for u like wht he did most all of the time..” Bad me..

Last nite lagi la.. I made him choose between EPL n me.. sj je.. guess wht d answer is, he’s willing to sacrifice Liverpool… mmg la he’s one of d kipas susah mati of Liverpool, mesti dia sj bagi jawapan tu coz xnk gaduh.. I penah ckp dulu, I’ll never ask my man to choose between me n football… but I just cnt help it… sj nk tau.. (eventhough nampak muka dia x ikhlas ms buat pilihan… hahhahah)

Hubby, when I ask u to stay with me till I fall asleep, it’s not bcoz I mengada-ngada… I just want u to be d lst moving object that I see b4 I close my eyes n ur body to b the lst thng tht my nose smell… when I wake up d next morning, I still wnt the same thng! Luv u…


Anonymous said...

jeless seh..

Anonymous said...

perlu la mengada2 isteri kan, if tak ngada2 ngan suami sndiri, takkan nak ngada2 ngan suami org plak. ahaks

Anonymous said...

hehe… romantiknya dia…

Jiey^Mien said...

dia x romantic la.. romantic ni sifat semulajadi, at all time ade dlm diri.. dia jarang buat something romantic, cuma dia x pernah berhenti menyayangi… Poyo nih..