Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raya pertama di dunia

Salam Aidilfitri to all..
Dulu berdua, sekarang bertiga..
Tentu sekali lebih meriah, Lebih bermakna..
Terima kasih tuhan..
Atuk is holding a sleeping baby..

His nenek sedara is giving duit raya to him..
Rayyan's babling. He was a bit cranky coz he doesnt get enough sleep. Those who know his story, insist to have a look at the miracle baby.. - to me, it's more like want to know whether his ok or not. Seeing is believing, so that's why they woke him up..

You guys will be surprised to know how much Rayyan kutip duit raya.. Dont know whether he'll get the same amount ke tak next year.. Harap2 dapat la.. Muahahha.. Materialistic mama Rayyan nih.. Rasa kelakar when someone asked me, "Hmm.. Ni raya pertama Rayyan kat dunia nih kan??". Dalam hati, cam nk reply, "Kat dunia lain ade raya ke??"

P/s - This year, with Rayyan around, I dont think we can organize any makan-makan or open house.. But if anyone would like to pay us a visit, u guys are most welcomed! Just let me know k..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha mmg lawak la
ade ke dunia lain?
reincarnation kot? ;)

ps: bilerla ade time nk dtg rumah you ni.. ;)