Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on baby RA

So far, baby RA is doing good.. Slightly on the bigger side but Dr. Raman kept on saying, big is good actually.. :-)
Throughout this pregnancy, I've gained 2kg.. Came Ramadhan, I've lost 3kg.. And as per yesterday's check up, I've successfully gained 3kg after almost 2 weeks of Raya.. Thanks to Nasi Dagang, Satay and all the kuih muih lah kan.. :P
And lately, the urge to eat keeps on coming. Am trying my best to control my rice intake.. Twice a day should be more than enough I guess.. Hubby said that I'm crazy for doing this because he always has the idea that a pregnant woman should eat for 2.. But I guess, somehow, I managed to convince him that what I'm doing is OK since baby RA is nicely growing.. 
Last Sunday, I did something that I was not supposed to do. Went to this Mak Bidan Kampung as per my mom's request. Mommy said it wont be a massage session or anything close to that. But when we got there, the Bidan happily gave me a massage and turned baby RA's position as she said baby is in breech position..
I was scared to death.. Luckily baby RA is moving and kicking like the usual.. Dont want to take any risk and just to make sure things are OK, I went to see Dr. Raman yesterday.. A day earlier than my actual appointment with him.. 
And as expected, he's totally not happy with the massage thingy especially because my last delivery was via LSCS.. He explained that it might effect the old scar because my belly is growing and messaging is equal to messing up with the growing tummy.. And luckily Baby RA is doing good.. Amniotic fluid is enough.. Brain is looking good.. Heart beat is just nice.. And the list continues..
Lesson learnt! :-(
While I was discussing a few things with Dr. Raman, hubby was holding Rayyan Ariff.. Being the usual him, he  cant sit still and his hands were moving here and there trying to reach for lots of things. Hubby decided to to bring him out and tried his level best to entertain his son.. :-)
"Brain OK?" That's the question that he asked me when I stepped out of the room.. I can see that he was a bit dissapointed as he missed the scanning session.. It's OK, we're going there again in 2 weeks time.. :-)  
Ayah is getting better in entertaining Rayyan Ariff.. :-)
Oh yea, Ms Anonymous, I know that I'm not obliged to reply to you as what my friends have commented in my previous entry.. But could you do me a favor? Stop giving your comment as it is not welcome here. Call me whatever you want, labeled me with whatever you wish, it will not effect me in any way.. I'm sorry about your baby and it's good if you claim that you are able to manage your emotion better than me.. 

And obviously, you are pretty new here.. There's no way that I felt like I'm the only one with problem.. If you when back to my old entries, you can see that every time I felt like I've pushed Rayyan or myself too hard, I will look at other children with the same diagnosis as him.. Some of them, are still struggling with getting a good head control at the age of 6 and some of them are severely handicapped..
Through our routine visit to therapists for the past 3 years, I've seen lots of children with lots of medical condition.. Some of them are doing better than Rayyan and some of them are still at the same stage after years of therapies.. Believe me, I've seen a lot and I definitely dont feel like I'm the only person with problem here..
From Mama Kembar 3 : Allah's miracles comes in many ways, shapes and form, and I think Rayyan is one of His many great miracles 

That's why I've always called Rayyan as my little miracle.. When we were told that he would only lives a life equivalent to a vegetable and now that he's everywhere, we are thankful and blessed. It's a bonus. Something that we're not supposed to get but He gave it to us. So, we're content no matter what!
What's with you and the song??? It's definitely not a moody song to me.. A friend in my workplace even use it as her ringtone.. Should I tell her to change to a nicer music? Music is universal.. To me, this song has its own soul.. And I guess, to some others as well..
BTW, it's really funny reading your comment on the part of "you want to wallow in self pity" and "take rayyan in your arm and start celebrate life.." What a joke!! How can you judge my life from just one post and one song?? 
Parents with special needs children have their own ways of dealing with things. If there's a day that we took 30seconds to find our strength, pls dont overlook another 23 hours, 59 minutes and 30seconds that we've been happy and laughing.. A friend told me once, that if it's not because of me, she would still thinks that parents of special child are always unhappy with their life.. 
I truly believe, that parents should just enjoy their child no matter what.. Kan Dr. Sofiah?? Kan Kak Reenaz? Enjoy2 jugak.. Effort kena lebih.. Nama pun special kan.. :-) 
And yes, once again, pls dont leave your comment here, it's not welcome (you can choose to be the stubborn one and keep on commenting, it's all up to you.. but there'll be no more reply from me) 
Or even better, just leave this page.. :P


me suya said...

yeay..terbaik kak jiey..
yeay... xsabar tggu baby RA nak kuar :)

yatie chomeyl said...

x habis2 lagi cik anon tu deh, gapo la yg dio x puas hati sgt tu isk3x

btw, meme xleh ngurut eh jiey kalu tgh preggy? ore baru tahu jugop

Pnut said...

Baru berkesempatan marathon baca blog.. baru sempat nak komen.. tersentuh hati baca kisah rayyan arif kat rumah kawan atuknya tu...

terasa sungguh hati akak, walau rayyan bukan siapa-siapa dengan akak.. tapi terkilan kerana rayyan melalui situasi begitu.. moga rayyan akan menjadi anak yang kuat dan tidak patah semangat

Coffee Mama said...

Setuju sangat2 dengan part yang setiap orang ada cara tersendiri utk tangani masalah atau kesedihan...Manusia hati lain2..Kita tak boleh paksa orang ikut cara kita...Takpe la Jiey, semoga Jiey terus tabah utk hadapi semua dugaan..Amin...

mmyAlqayyum said...

kakjiey, dirimu begitu tabah n kuat.
""Or even better, just leave this page""btl ckp kakjiey!!!semenjak sy bc blog kakjiey sy jth cinta kat penulisan n lagu yg ade dlm blog ni..frankly speaking, sy jdkan lagu padamu kubesujud as my sms ringtone supaya lg lmbt sy bc msg lg lama sy dpt dgr lagu ni!!!thnx kakjiey...kirimkn salam sy pd tuan RA yg macho, sungguh comel ankmu kakjiey!!!

mama lynn said...



pls leave this page ASAP
dont let my JIEY stress bcoz of YOU

you're not welcome here ok

jiey..jangan layan ok :-)

any scanned image of Baby RA to share with us..when will be ur due jiey?

pls dear..take care :)

mirah said...

moga semuanya baik2 saja utk jiey dan baby RA. Saya pun takut kalau kena urut2 dgn mak bidan masa pregnant ni. InsyaAllah mudah2an semua ok.

Jiji said...

jiey whatever floats her boat lah!

clearly orang yg mcm ni teramat amat memerlukan perhatian dari orang lain..

to me la jiey.. kalo kita nak snap orang dari kedukaan ke.. apa ke.. get to know that person 1st.. tgk diri.. siapa kita nak tegur orang dulu.

Anyway jiey jom beraya?

baya said...

first jiey, 3kg throughout the prefnancy???? kak baya dah gain 10kg ni, and I rasa my EDD is later than you .. ohh sigh! hahaha

second, i just dpt kesempatan nak baca blog and all, tak tau cerita psl anon tu, but screw them/her/him ... mmg mana2 blog akan ada jer yang tgn ringan nak bagi comment menyakitkan hati.

relax kay, RA pun doing very well kan, insyaAllah

and one more, JANGAN PERGI URUT LAGI kay dear. take care. hugs to my lil ryan

transformed housewife said...

Just ignore Miss Anonymous or better still delete her comment whenever you see it. Stay strong dear.

insan kerdil said...

perjalanan kehidupan...biar pun yang sukar itu keadaan....namun yang lebih 'menyukarkan'....adalah perilaku pelaku2 kehidupan yang lain.....

'hidup'...adalah 'pengajaran' yang 'mengajar' dalam 'belajar'.....

dalam kembara ke alam abadi....selagi 'nyawa dikandung badan'....siapa kah di antara makhluk...yang 'bisa' mengatakan itu...atau ini...adalah 'penghujung' untuk segalanya....?

pada tiap sabar itu....'menjemput' redha.....kerana yang membuat ketentuan...ketetapan...adalah hak milik mutlak...Pemilik...Penentu...Pemutus...yang Maha Mengetahui...Maha Mengasihani....

Dia yang tidak akan sesekali memungkiri janji....dan Dia tidak akan sesekali menzalimi...

semoga tiap hati yang teruji dan diuji....dipermudahkan urusan dunia akhirat....dalam menuju redha Ilahi.......

ketentuan Allah adalah rahsia Allah....


Tika said...

Kita parents pd special needs child ni riang ria belaka orgnya kan.. jgn gundah gulana pd manusia2 yg tak berani menyebut nama sendiri. nonsense jer semua tu.. jgn fikir ok.. biar baby RA ceria dan sihat membesar dlm tilam perut tu hehe