Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jom kita pakat join contest jom!!

Kalau menang, pakcik kayooo!! Errr.. Actually it’s for our children~
Since it’s gaji time already, we’re stocking up a few stuffs for Rayyan Ariff.. We have to make sure that his vitamins and diapers are all enough until month end and not to forget, his natural immunity booster; Mamil Gold.. ~Beli banyak-banyak kang tak payah nak kelam kabut cari..
When I purchased Mamil Gold yesterday, I saw entry forms for participating in “A Solid Foundation Contest”.. I took one and started looking through at the prizes offered..
Oh!! It’s a cash give-away!! *Bling Bling Mata duitan*
There are weekly and monthly prizes to be won totaling more than RM600K!! ~Mari kita tengok dalam bentuk turutan:-
2 grand prizes of RM50K savings account
5 monthly prizes worth RM10,000
Weekly prizes of 2x first prizes worth RM5,000 savings account
3x second prizes worth RM1000
And 20x third prizes worth RM500 savings account

Yup, it’s all in cash peeps and the contest starts from 1st Sept 2011 until 31st Dec 2011!! Ample time for all to join kan?
Serius mak tak sabar nak join you all!! Mana la tau ada rezeki anak bujang terchenta..:-)
Jom memeriahkan contest ni jom!! Just trying our luck.. ~But of course, need to get Mamil Gold for your chenta hati first.. then only can join maa* :P
Budak Mamil Gold~ Badan sihat otak cergas.. *Terlampau cergas sampai merata alam dia nak explore* 


CikNon said...

uwaaaaaaaaaaa tak dak anak canmne? beli utk diri sendiri contest punya psl, kalau dia nk maklumat anak camne? kenalah pinjam anak org kalau camni :)

Noina said...

jiey, rayyan minum mamil perisa honey tak? aituh ina beli..try nak tukar.tapi nabila tak mo minum la..pastu timbul bintik2 merah kat bibir dia..terus tak berani nak bagi..kalau rayyan minum boleh bagi kat jiey..sayang je nak buang..