Monday, February 14, 2011

Mengantuk VS Malas VS Esok cuti VS Banyak kerja..

*Seriously, mood ke laut* Tak cukup tidur kot.. =P

Last 2 weeks, I bought another wood puzzle set for Rayyan Ariff. Although it's just 5 pieces in one set, this one seems to be more complicated compared to the 16 pieces puzzle that he already has. Because for this one, the pieces has the exact color with its base which makes it rather confusing, at least to me..
The first time when I showed it to Rayyan Ariff, he was more interested with the image *cars, ambulance, trucks* 
As always, I just let him be because I know that it will be almost impossible to make him do things that he's not interested in. But a few days back, when I gave the puzzle to him, I was very impressed that he managed to match it all. Because like I said earlier, it is rather confusing and I'm still confused with at least 2 out  of the 5 pieces puzzle. Until now.
So last night, when I was doing some reading with my little boy, I asked my hubby to join us as I want to show him what our little boy can do. I gave the puzzle to Rayyan Ariff and asked him to match it one by one. As expected, he managed to match it all in just few seconds. Piece of cake.
Hubby was quite amazed with what he saw and I simply told him, "Ian nak yang baru la tu.. Yang ni dah tak challenging.. Cuba try animal plak ke.. Mama takde budget dah.." =P
Hmmm.. We'll see whether Rayyan Ariff will get a new set or not.
Kalau ayah tak beli, kita try bodek atuk plak.. :P

Cucu manja atuk.. Kalau dengan atuk, nasi sepinggan pun habis! Patuh jer..


shaliza said...

Well done Ian:-)

littlehumblelynn said...


seronok baca entry nih!! esok cuti..rehat puas2 tau..

yatie chomeyl said...

abe Ian meme bijok. sini puzzle muroh2 jugop, mesti abe Ian suko kalu leh main puzzle2 yg lg mencabar key

Jue-Isteri_Ibu said...

Ian,clever boy!

Linda said...

Bravo Ian.... i'm so proud of u :)

Watie Aziz said...

we want video! we want video! mummy ni kedekut lah nak tayang set jigsaw tuh kat aunty watie ..hahahahaa

linda said...

clever boy...:)