Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aku ingin bebas

Entry from my old blog

I’m bored with my routine! The same old thing day by day.. I need a break from all of this.. Wake up at 6am, leave home by 6.45am and reach home at 8/9pm.. It’s not that I’m not thankful, I really appreciate the fact that I have a job compared to others who are still looking for one.. It’s about doing things I wanna do.. (Wait a minute, aku pun xtau sbnrnya ape yg aku nk buat..theehehe..)

I want to feel white sand under my feet.. Huhuhu.. Really need to get out of town.. I want to go to Bali and Cherating.. Priority, of course to Bali and the next can be Cherating.. (PD, Langkawi & Sabah tak kira ok!)

Bali is suppose to be a getaway for our honeymoon.. Since I’ve spent lots of my annual leave for my wedding, then we’re suppose to go there by 26.07.07 (I’ve tendered my resignation then and my last working day at the SC will be on 25.07.07).. I need to join the new company by 01.08.07, so I have a few days left – can mushy-mushy with hubby in Bali laa.. Tp x jadi resign.. huhuhu.. (Sila rujuk kpd entri ~I’m still with the SC~)

At that time, looking at my leave balance, I can’t afford to plan for any trip anymore.. Need to save for raya n emergency.. After raya, the good news came.. My mom asked to hold the plan first.. It’s not advisable to go on a long distance journey considering my condition.. Plus, I was always tired then.. Bye bye Bali.. And the weather was also not on our side, so we also have to let go off Cherating (ms tu musim tengkujuh..)

No matter where hubby takes me to, it won’t be the same! Coz we already plan for Bali n Cherating.. Cherating we can go later and just bring along the baby.. But for Bali, I want it to be a sweet and memorable moment just for the 2 of us.. I’m wondering, if we go in March, can I still cope with the exhaustion aahh?? Hahahha.. Don’t know for sure la..


Anonymous said...

know how you feel…but believe me…if you quit your job without having something that you really love to do in your hands…it would be a regret…calm down dear…HE has other plans for you…
p/s : really can’t wait to see ‘the baby’…hihihi

Anonymous said...

arrghhh… one more anok sedaro. u better get me a job in SC so that i can afford to buy your baby a present. hahaha.