Thursday, September 20, 2007


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How can a person turns into such a terrible monster? She's just a lil' gal.. Don't you have heart at all?

A DNA test which has an accuracy of 99.99% has confirmed that the body of a girl found in a sportsbag is that of Nurin Jazlin who had been missing for a month. Although the parents denied it, it doesn't matter. Whoever the gal is, Al-Fatihah for her.. No one can imagine what she has gone through and how much pain she has suffered.

Buat semua, mari la kita sama2 sedekahkan Al-Fatihah & Yassin untuk si mati..

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Anonymous said...

What kinda human would do such thing?
What kinda human wouldn’t love the sight of a lovely young thing looking so cute and smiley that they have torture them and make them cry and finally shut them down by killing them?
What is really on this barbarians’ mind?
Life is precious, there’s only one such gift per human…to be ended in such a way, before that little girl can even learn what the meaning of life is, before she can grow, before she can school, before she can have the ability to defend herself, before she have the chance of going through the pain & pleasure of what life can offers…is….such a shame…