Thursday, October 4, 2007

Effiey Si Ikan Laga

Entry from my previous blog

I have ths one very cute ikan laga and I named him Effiey. Still, I dunno whether it’s a he or she. But since the nature of ikan laga is its strength, so I personally think that Effiey is a he. I bought him for our little man-made pond, (hubby n I fail to maintain the pond well, so there’re lots of mosquito larva in it).. I put Effiey inside it, but then again, Effiey fail to eat everything up. It’s too much for his tiny stomach. So we take Effiey out and put him inside a very nice balang kaca.

Tp balang tu plak, too big for a small fish. Penat la nk tukar air kalo balang besar banget camtuh. Huh, so many failure relating to a small fish.. siyan Effiey. I’ve been looking for a small glass container for him since a few weeks back. Tak jumpe gak.. Dah gi Tesco, Carrefour, JJ etc. Tp tak jumpe yang dicari-cari. Last nite, hubby gave me a small aquarium that he bought for Effiey.

Huaarghhh.. (I almost turn into a cute but much-smaller-green animal called ‘the incredible hulk’) --> if I can make my own hulk, I wnt to be a blue one. Green is jst not my fav. I DON’T WANT AQUARIUM FOR EFFIEY LA.. he doesn’t need that. He wants to be in a nice and sophisticated balang kaca. Baru la nampak Effiey punyer professionalism. Spoil la.. dah beli kalo x pki kang membazir plak..

So smlm, buat kesekian kalinya, aku merajuk! Merajuk! Merajuk! Merajuk! Huh, xmo layan hubby.. xnk ckp dgn dia.. Tp aku baik ape.. Still salam n kiss his hand this morning. Cuma x senyum jer.. I know.. I’ve been so overreacted. Habis, dh hubby yg melayan sgt.. sape suruh.. muahahhahah..

Hubby, I’m not mad at you la.. In fact, it’s quite thoughtful of you to buy something for my Effiey. The truth is, after Iftar with the member of SC’s MT Association last nite, balik kena kemas rumah n prepare brg for my KMRmates get-together-Iftar at our place today, I’m exhausted! Petang ni nk blk masak for them lagi. I know it’s my thing n u got nothing to do wth it, but I can’t help it. When I’m too tired n don’t get enuff sleep, u know that I’ll get a bit cranky. Coz it’s only you that is there for me, so hubby kena la jadik mangsa untuk memujuk tatkala daku merajuk.. hehehhehe.. Not to worry k.. (n pls stop mintak maaf).. u did no wrong. Sj je nk jual mahal.. karang ok la ni..

I do enjoy married life actually! Layan bang, jgn tak layan..

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Jiey^Mien said...

Problem settled. My bro bought a pair of kura-kura (x sedap sebut tortoise).. Very small.. At first, Effiey stares at them fiercely,(ikan laga mesti la garang).. So, my bro took the aquarium n use it for Kiki & Lala..
Pelik, kura-kura nama Kiki n Lala, I’ve one kura-kura (soft toy jer).. nama dia Mr.Turo. Baru la nmpk cam kura-kura kan?