Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Own Version of 'Cinta Kolesterol'

Entry from my old blog

Some times back, I have a very long chat with my ol’ closest x-uni-mate aka x-roommate aka x-kompang-mate aka x-everything-mate (lst time we used to do lots of things 2gether, berkepit cam belangkas.. nasib baik org x tuduh cat dinding- hehehe).. Kalau org tuduh pn we can still deny it since she’s totally not my type.. muahhaha… Sorry Rot @ Nurul Shahida Hj Ahmad.. I know, I’m not yours either..

Rot asked me to write something bout how I’ve gone from size XXL to size M.. Not bad huh? I’ve skipped 3 sizes.. Masa kat UPM, the highest I’ve touched is 75kg, n normal days would be 70kg.. x penah kurang.. No wonder some peoples were so amazed…

Actually I didn’t really plan for it to happen.. Suddenly I realized that my jeans is wayyy too big for me.. longgar giler.. Well, it all started like this: After I finished my study, I’m soooo much into capital market n investment thingy.. Without really knowing what’s inside, I’ve sent open applications to several stockbroking companies in Malaysia, specifically in KL n KB. 2 companies didn’t answer me.. SimeSecurities replied; sorry we got no vacancy for you! Although I felt a bit of disappointed, but their courtesy of replying is something that I really appreciate.. (Later I found out that Sime is closing down coz their broker license has been bought by another company, can’t remember the company’s name- no wonder xde keje 0).

I started my (so-called) career in capital market with AmInvestment Bank (formerly known as Arab-Malaysian).. It was my first serious job n I was in Share Margin Unit.. Since it is something that I really, really want to do, I am super happy at that point of time.. So, like any other fresh grads that have been given chance to work with a big company like this, I’m sooo high in spirit to prove that AmInvest didn’t hire me for nothing. I’ve just joined them and there’s lots of thing that I dnt know so I really need to work like hell.. At that time, if possible, I feel like I just want to inhale everything into my mind so I can be super pandai in a short period.

Seeing how hardworking I was (perasan lg ni…), my manager really likes me.. actually he was impressed since interview day lagi… Bila org suka, keje makin best la jd nya (AmInvest even counter offer ms aku nk blah..)

Keje punye keje, x kenal matahari dh time tu.. Left for work so early so that I can get to my lil’ cubicle as early as possible and start to do my things without even have time to read newspaper. Breakfast? It’s either fried mee, kuih2 or sandwich from gerai tepi jalan- turun monorail terus je beli..

Lunch? It’s either fruits or goreng pisang bought from level 7 and I ate it in front of my PC.. Kalau time xde keje byk, I’ll have lunch @ level 7, the weld or gerai blakang (nasi campur dgn mushroom dia best giler woo).. Dinner plak.. well, when you got home @ definitely more than 9pm with some homework from office, u just dnt even have time to think bout dinner. Tu tak kira dtg keje ari sabtu lg tu…

After 5.5 months living like this, I left AmInvest for SC.. Although the workload in the SC is not that less compared to Am, I still have time to breath here. With a bunch of friends that really know how to enjoy their life and eat well.. mmg makan je la kejenya.. DeCanter la.. Penang Village la.. Souled out la.. Tp masa ni dh ade feeling nk diet bcoz bila tgk berat dh turun, automatically excited la pulak..

I kept complaining that I’m fat.. I’ve gained weight etc.. Tp all of my frens here (in the SC) keep saying things like..
“ From: Norfarrelyn Hazwin Muhammad
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 10:11 AM
To: Wan Normajidah Wan Abd Aziz; Emey Shafina Abdul Khalik
Subject: RE: Gambo kat tepeng.. perfect pictures
Wan-ko tk gemuk la…comel jer aku tgk…”
~(di atas adalah sedutan email yg penah dihantar oleh aween… An old email, taken from gossip folder )~

Nad plak selalu ckp, come on gal, u r not fat.. this is what we call voluptuous. Tp rasanya sama je maksud dia.. tak kurus @ tak slim la tu… hehhehehe…

A few months b4 nk kawin, I started to go on crash diet. pagi makan btul2 (tp x sekali-kali amik nasi..). Tghari amik soup + fishball. Dinner makan biskut kering cicah milo. Tp every diet that I’ve started, it only last for 2 weeks, biasa la pompuan.. xtau la org lain, tp aku kalo nk period jer selera mkn berganda2.. ngengehngeh.. jd hancur la diet nyer.. but still, at that time, I’ve tried my best to restrain myself from taking nasi. Of course la.. mmg ada yg gagal punyer, especially my all time fav; nasi goreng kampung..

But now, haiyy.. There’s nothing left to say.. I’m sooo fat again! Cud it be water retention? Or it is just me? Huhuhu.. Lepas pantang kena diet nih!!!! But I guess the best thing about being pregnant is, it feels like I have a license to be fat.. Hehehehe..

Masa final sem kat UPM.. Semangat giler..

Green me.. MOF Treasure Hunt 2007


Anonymous said...


gua ni keje bersungguh2 gak.
tapi biase la gomen…pantang ade meeting ke, discussion ke, seminar makannya meriah!

bab diet tu tak soh cakap la…2 hari je tahannya
nak kurus gak!

Jiey^Mien said...

Tau Nan.. SC pn semi-gomen jgk.. Adopt d same culture.. Meeting = makan.. Meriah lak tuh skali order.. Sbb tu gemuk blk!! Haihhh.. Dietku hanya di hati..