Saturday, May 16, 2009

My smart little baby.. =)

On Rayyan's birthday, 12 May 2009, we supposed to have makan2 (again!) at our place. Actually, Auntie Fadia requested for it since she missed Rayyan's birthday party last Saturday. Because Rayyan was fast asleep that day, we brought forward the party to thursday, 14 May.
Since Fadia is bringing pizza, I supposed to cook simple dishes for them. I asked them which one they prefer, spaghetti or maggi goreng and they chose, maggi goreng. Hehhee.. Senang kan?Plus nuggets, onion rings and soft drinks, we are all set for a small-get-together-party.
Auntie Fadia dan pizzanya..
Semangat betul bab-bab makan ni.. :P
Mama Biey, Mak Eiy and Auntie Puteri got this high chair for Ian. Budak dua orang ni tak puas hati coz Ayah Ian tak habis pasang.. Last2, diorang pun surrender.. Tunggu engineer kita dtg la.. Jek, cepat sket mai umah kak.. :P
Ian as usual la kan, kept on smiling to all of his aunties.. Budak senyum betul lah. Latest on Ian, this is one of the gift that he got for his birthday:
Fisher price snail..
Last Sunday, when I unwrapped this snail, I started to teach him on how to take the shapes out from the snail's tummy. The first few days, he totally ignore what I taught him. He wants to do it his way. He pushed the snail, and when the snail fell, all the shapes managed to 'get out' from the snail's tummy. When the shapes were all over the floor, Ian will happily picked it up and put it in his mouth.
Then I let him be. To my surprise, last night, he managed to take the shapes out with his hand. Of course, the hand's coordination is not as good as us, but he managed to do it. He took one out, put it in his mouth, and after a while, he threw it away. And again, he took out a new one. He repeated it until the snail's tummy was empty. Clap*Clap*Clap*.. Yayyy!!! Mission accomplished!!
OK, next task, I want to teach him how to put the shapes into the snail's tummy back. Firstly, through the open casing and after that, through the shaped hole.. Wish me luck OK!! :P
P/s - Selamat hari guru kepada semua cikgu-cikgu. Terima kasih di atas jasa kalian.. =) Happy teacher's day to me too.. Cikgu untuk Rayyan Ariff.. :P


Han said...

Lama tak jenguk Ian kat sini. Sorry weh, tak dtg party Ian.

Ian, Auntie tahu Ian bijak! Kiss Ian byk2!

Jiey^Mien said...

Han, takpe.. Next year la kot.. :P

Hehhee.. Ko taktau, aku punye la excited.. Dan dan tu jugak call mak aku bagtau.. :P

Mrs. Simplicity said...

fad, apsl ko tak datang aritu? rindu nak jumpe ko!

7 ari 7 malam celebrate bday ian nih :D

Farah said...

*clap*clap*clap* for Ian..clever boy!

Cikpid said...

Ian dhlaa chomel..clever plak tuh..bijak2.. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally..bleh gok kawe baco blog demo! Kalo dop napok puteh melepok jah. Tq Jiey!

- long

Jiey^Mien said...

aly : fadia berchenta weh.. tu yg takde tuh..
over ek.. ala2 ank raja plak.. :P

farah : clap lagi.. *clap*clap*Clap*
P/s - hari ni, hand coordination dah getting better.. :P

cikpid : hehhee.. ian slow n steady.. :P

long : semato-mato Long comment la ni, terus tuka template..

Unknown said...

chaiyookkk ian.... gud boy... buat mama ian proud lg k... muuaahhh...

Jiey^Mien said...

lin : nanti nak bgtau ian biar dia rajin2 sket..