Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Of celebrating 3 glorious years of marriage..

I've given him this last night;
He just laughed and said, "It's not personalized.."
Huh, ego nya pakcik!
But I know that he loves it because I've been getting extra hugs n kisses since last night..
In just 3 days time, we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary..
*Masih setahun jagung*
3 glorious years, and I'm hoping for many more good years to come..
Still planning on how to celebrate this special date..
Before, I'd never make a big fuss over special occasions like anniversary(s) or birthday(s)
A simple wish would do.. And a gift is not necessary..
But after 3 years, I'm feeling sooo excited about it..
Maybe because the bond is getting stronger than before..
Oh yea..
Rayyan Ariff also got his birthday present in advance..
A white study table paired with a very cute white children's chair..
Ayah @ work, assembling the set..
He looks like a big boy when he was sitting on it..
Owh, I'm missing my small baby who weight 1.8kg at birth..
Owh, I'm missing the time when I just need to hold him with only one hand..
I'm missing all those precious moment..
My premie baby is all grown up!!
Praise be to Allah SWT..


Anonymous said...

salam Jiey..
semoga terus berbahagia disisi insan tersayang..

Marsha~ said...

bestnya.... ulangtahun perkahwinan tahun ni, sudah tentu suami tiada disisi... seperti selalu :(

lel said...

nak tengok Ian duduk kat kerusi meja tu
must be soooo cute

transformed housewife said...

happy anniversary to u and ur hubby. cantik meja utk Rayyan tu.

Cikpid said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary Jiey..

Semoga kekal and bahagia selalu

Mayyonnizz said...

extra hugs n kisses ajer..kuang3x

yeyey tak lama lg rayyan dapat adik..

hehhe..jgn mare..:P

Ina said...

happy anniversary jiey! semoga sntiasa berbahagia ke akhir hayat :)

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin said...

tahniah...hepy 3rd anniversary...
nak tgk rayyan dok kat kerusi cute tu...

Mrs. Simplicity said...

nak tgk isi dalam hadiah tu! alimin bagi apa pulak? wah, kepochi nye aku :D jiey, meja dgn kerusi ian tu beli ktne? ikea ek?

yatie chomeyl said...

hepi becoming bestday ko abe Ian dan jugop hepi enibeseri utk jiey dgn pokcik. semoga kalian ber3 dalam rhmat kasih syg Allah sokmo2. amin

Intan and The Boys said...

happy anniversary yang! sori terlambat wish. jiey dapat apa pula?

nak tgk Ian ngan meja dan krusi tu...

Elyn Sani said...

eppy eniberseri ke 3!!!