Monday, November 14, 2011

The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy!!

Being pregnant again after the first one is really something that we’re looking forward to. This time around, the feeling is all mixed up since we went through quite a difficult pregnancy last time. Despite celebrating the joy of being pregnant again, scared and nervous are the two feeling that accompanied hubby and I most of the time.

Soon after we discovered about the pregnancy (yup, it was unplanned but most welcomed in all angle!), I straight away consumed folic acid and started taking milk. During the 6th weeks++, we went to the same old gynea that was handling Rayyan Ariff’s case for check up and consultation, so I took the opportunity to ask him about the milk that I’m taking. He’s not too keen with the milk product as he claimed that the sugar in the milk can caused unnecessary weight gain. Mind you, I’m on the big side of the scale so weight is definitely a major concern!

Having to hear that, I stopped taking the milk and was only relying on all the supplement pills. Then, I was introduced to Mamil Mama by a friend through a function.. At that point of time, I’m already in my 20th week.. After giving it a thought and browsed through Dumex’s website, I’m really satisfied that this maternal milk contains no sucrose!
The new packaging~ NICE!@!
Having to know that this milk product is sugar free formulated, I asked my husband to get me one. Since Rayyan Ariff is also taking Mamil Gold which is from the same line of Mamil Mama, hubby was totally okay with my request since we can obviously see the benefit that Mamil Gold has given to Rayyan Ariff.

Like Mamil Gold, Mamil Mama also contains IMMUNOFORCE that can help maintain a good intestinal environment that will help to support your immune system.  Mamil Mama also provides high folic acid, calcium and irons which can help contribute to the development of our unborn child. Having all these vitamins, Mamil Gold is not just perfect for pregnant mother, it also caters the need of someone who’s trying to conceive.

And when I was in my 3rd trimester, I still took my Mamil Mama and I’m currently still taking it even after I gave birth as I am breastfeeding my child.. If you’re breastfeeding, Mamil Mama is definitely one milk brand that you should consider as it has vitamins and minerals that can help to refill your body’s nutrient.
Being a chocolate lover, I would totally recommend you to try Fine Cocoa flavor!! It’s not just about the taste, but I truly believe that a healthy mother can lead to a healthy child.. :-)
Little princess has safely and healthily arrived.. :-)


Rizziela said...

bestnya tgk puteri jiey..

semoga sihat hendaknya..jangan lupa selalu update puteri yer

AIN NAZRI said...

masa ain preggy pon gynea x allow ain minum susu sbb ain dah gemokss.. cuma makan vitamin + all supplement yg dia bagi ++ siap kena cucuk insulin lagik