Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 tahun.

It was yesterday actually. Our 5th anniversary and I'm late in posting again.. Nothing new about that right?? :P

We are overwhelm with so many things at the moment. Hopefully I can find time to blog about it later..

Nothing extraordinary on the celebration. I was on emergency leave yesterday after spending most of the night caring and nursing a very sick child. Mr. Hubby BBM me with some sweet wordsn and later, brought back a cake. 

Later at night, the two of us went for a dinner at Timor Place. Not too far from our house as Rayyan Ariff is still recovering and we want to be in an area that is easily reachable should there be an emergency alert from my sister or my maid. 

The kunyahs @ Timor Place

Simplicity.. Nice in its own way.. ;-)

Our dinner went well. Right after we finished our food, we went straight back home.. Quite a hurry actually, it's really a quick one.. 

"Rayyan dah tido ke?" Mr Hubby asked me. Before I could reply to him, he continued with his words..

"Lepas solat tadi, menitik air mata abang berdoa untuk dia.. Semoga dia dapat bertahan.."

Then both of us were quiet. The journey was only filled with some sound from the radio.. 

"Rasa pelik pulak naik kereta berdua.. Kalau tak, mesti ada budak kecik dok berdiri kat tengah-tengah ni.. Either nak suruh kita ambik dok kat depan, or sebab dia sorang nak duduk kat depan.."

Yes, it was very empty without the kids around. Deep inside my heart, I'm praying for good things not only for Rayyan Ariff, but for all.. Amen.


yatie chomeyl said...

oghe doa jugop untuk abe Ian..moga sihat2 sokmo dan cergas mcm biaso..peluk cium utk abe Ian dari kejauhan XOXO

Lynn Abd Latib said...


dlm kalut smpt jgk g dinner anniversary.happy 5th anniversary.kita berkongsi tarikh yg sama nmpknya.bezanya ini thn ke 7 buat k.lin.

Unknown said...

happy 5th anniversary =)

AIN NAZRI said...

kesiannya abg Rayyan. semoga Allah menyembuhkan abg Rayyan cepat2.. x suka tgk abg rayyan sakit.. sedihhh

Anonymous said...

What happen to rayyan ariff??

transformed housewife said...

Happy anniversary Jiey & hubby. Insyallah, doa hok molek2 jah.

darina sekeri said...