Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Melentur buluh..

Ian mmg mudah diajar. Contohnya, main air. It's normal for typical baby utk main air kan? Tepuk-tepuk air bila kita letak dlm baby bath tub.. Gerak2 kaki, rasa2 air and other things la.. I noticed that Ian loves taking a bath. Macam mana sy tahu? Well, bila kena air, Ian takde la nangis. Relax jer.. Siap sengih2.. Tp, Ian takde nak main2 air.. He's so static. Slowly, saya ajar dia untuk gerakkan tangan dalam air, untuk tepuk permukaan air, utk main2dgn bath toys dia.. utk gerak2 kaki dalam air. Tanpa jemu, saya buat berulangkali. Dalam seminggu lebih, Alhamdulillah.. he can do it on his own. Dia lebih enjoy masa mandi dia..
Baby yang sibuk main air..
2nd thing, saya ajar dia utk melambaikan tangan.. "Ian, bye.. bye.. bye.. bye..". After sometimes, Ian manages to do it on his own. Then I stopped doing it to him for a few days. Then I tried again, alamakkkk.. Dah xleh la pulak.. Dr. said, it's normal. Even for typical baby, it happened. Once you taught him something, continue to do it or else, he will forget. Hmm, lesson learnt! I'll be more hardworking next time..
Remember my colluegue that I mentioned before? The one who also had a special needs baby before. She said that this is good, normally, they need to be taught for hundreds times. That why she thinks that I need to go all out on Ian i.e. take unpaid and really focus on him. He definitely has the potential to be normal!
By reading this entry (or any other entry on Ian before), I think you guys will wondering what Ian's is goin through.. And some of you might guess that it's brain related desease right? The answer is, YES, he's suffering or maybe I should say "surviving" from major brain damages. As promised, I'll blow up the details when he's one year old k..

That's why I said Ian is special. Kalau org tanya brp umur Ian dan dah boleh buat apa? Bila saya jawab sejujurnya, they'll gave this weird look and said, "Haaa? Baru belajar meniarap??" Of course saya akan terasa. Tak usahlah dibandingkan Ian saya dgn anak2 atau cucu2 anda.. Honestly, saya rasa, Ian saya lebih hebat dari anak atau pun cucu anda.. Dgn keadaan dia, dia boleh melakukan segala yang typical baby buat.. Mungkin agak lewat, tapi dia boleh.. If you guys look at his CT Scan result or ultrasound film, you guys will be amazed with what he managed to do. Saya sendiri masih wondering, how he managed to do all the things that he did.
Tp bak kata therapist Ian, Fizie, "Never under estimate the power of our brain. Take Ian for example. He's doing so good that I don't think the word 'good' is enough to show his ability.." Bak kata Dr. Yong, "So far, he's just like a normal baby. Matched nicely with his corrected age."

Kawan2 Ian masa mandi..

Pastinya buat saya lebih bersemangat utk berusaha lebih buat Ian tercinta.. Bukankah usaha intu tangga kejayaan??

P/s - We had 3 appoinments today. I'll share with you guys later k.. 2 of them, physio and neurosurgeon, Alhamdulillah.. Sooo ok.. Another 1, the opthalmologist . we're a bit dissapointed to know that Ian have to go through a surgery to correct his eyes.. It's not just a simple crossed eyes where patching can be the solution.. It relates to his brain damage as well.. Hmmm.. boleh ke it correct itself?? *sigh*

"Ya Allah.. If possible, no more surgery for Ian please.. May he leaves healthily, happily and smartly.. Aminnnnn.."


Anonymous said...

Suffering? What a strong word kan???

Affi said...

Lupa nak tinggal jejak..