Friday, January 9, 2009

Slowing down..

I spoke to someone from my office earlier.. She was a mother to a special need child.. But the child passed away at the age of 8 years old. She went all out to take care of her child. She even took unpaid leave for a year and concentrate on her baby. When I told her bout Ian, she was surprised to know that Ian is doing well. She even shared with me some inspiring stories on special need children who are doing so well. And there's no different between them and other children.

She's of the view that I need to take time off as well. Fully concentrate on Ian. Because the first 2 years of life is important to all babies. This is the time when the brains develope. After that, not the brain anymore, the one that will develope is the nueron (which helps in term of learning).

I dont know whether I want to do that or not. I know, it's a bout well-being and welfare. Which one do you prefers. At the end of the day, you child is the only thing that matters. I did think bout taking unpaid leave for a year, but then my company will not cover the medical expenses. Yup, medical expenses can be sooooo expensive kan? Ian is seeing 4 different specialists and going through physiotherapy session once a month. Plus in case of emergency, if it's not covered, somehow, it can be a burden on our shoulders.

I do admit that the cost for treatment and check up at government hospital is very low compared to what we (or the company, to be exact) are paying. Tapi layanan tu yang best.. :P

But now, I guess maybe I just have to put that aside and go to government hospital so that I can take unpaid and truly focus on my baby.

Another thing, with current economic condition, I dont know whether I'm doing the right thing or not. (On the salary alone, not including the perks and benefits which is unlimited, I can be considered as highly paid.) Nowadays, to raise a child, stability is important and I dont like the idea of totally depending on my hubby. Hubby works in a private sector. To be exact, dgn bank. If something happen, then what should we do. Savings mmg la ada, tp bukit pun kalau lama2 ditarah, boleh rata..

According to my friend, rezeki di mana2.. Sedang ulat dlm batu pun boleh makan.. Inikan kita manusia.. Errr.. Tapi saya bukan ulat. Mama ulat takyah beli mainan utk stimulate baby ulat. Mama ulat takyah bayar loan kete Kancil and Papa ulat xyah byr loan kete Perdana n umah kan?? Or should I think of online business ke apa? Bukan ke 90% rezeki tu dtg dari business? Atau saya boleh diet and jadi cantik pastu ngorat Mawi semahu2nya and tumpang senang dia.. :P
Yang bagusnya, my boss is willing to make an arrangement with HR. For me to resign first and come back when I'm ready. (Coz kalau unpaid more than 2 years susah sket..). Tp leh caya ke? Kalau tetiba dia plak resign, camne tuh?

I'm totally lost!

Ketenangan pada wajahmu membangkitkan beribu kasih dan berjuta sayang duhai anak.. Walau dalam apa jua keadaan, cinta padamu tetap utuh.

P/s - I'm slowing down on blogging to pay more attention to Ian. Tp leh ke control? Heehhehhe.. Kata blogger tegar! Or, maybe masa weekend or masa Ian tido, wat post byk2 terus and scheduled post.. Hahhahahha..

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suealeen said...

gomen spital like hsb pun layanan 1st class. dulu akak pun skeptikal tapi takleh juga nak pukul rata. kalo jiey baca entry yang lama² semua akak bagi good review unless for the waiting time. buang masa je kat situ. they way i look at it, Allah bagi benda ni semua kat kami sebab nak latih kami supaya bersabar.

memang betul cakap kawan jiey tu. 2 yr earlier is important for him. kesihatan, fizikal malah mental. malah kalo baca cerita sherman alexie (yg la ni dah jadi successful scriptwriter), dia punya critical years tu selama 7 tahun pertama. it depends on your child's need.

i think you know i quit my job to concentrate on her. tak pernah regret though i was highly paid. bebaru ni pun sama. dapat keje bagus tapi kena let go.

alhamdulillah rezeki tetap ada. tak pernah putus. ini bukan hanya cerita bab ulat. memang rezeki seseorang manusia telah tertera. tinggal lagi kita ni yang nak kena percaya dan yakin padaNya.

cakap bab komitmen (yang besar je la), akak ada komitmen dengan loan rumah, while hubby ada loan rumah dan kereta, and even insurance cover untuk semua.