Friday, January 16, 2009

My pretty boy..

First, the physio.. Ian passed with flying colors. The therapist, Fizie, even requested the session to be done once in 2 weeks instead of once a month as agreed before. I've told her what Dr.Yong told us bout Ian and she totally agreed. She even said, "I think he has lots of potential to be as normal as everyone else. Why don't we just go all out on him?" And my heart scream "Yes please!!! It's my pleasure!!!"

According to Fizie, Ian is playful, cheeky, responsive and the most important thing, cooperative. Which make it easy for Fizie to train him.

The next is Dr. Wong, the neurosurgeon. Dr. Yong 31hb ni. But we need to take a break first la.. Of course the baby needs to be fed la! Sambil2 tunggu turn kat klinik Dr.Wong la ni..
While waiting for our turn, a nurse who used to babysit Ian in NICU came. Her name is Jane. She took Ian with her and walked around the front area, brought Ian to the back room behind the counter and I heard the nurses were teasing Ian and they passed him from one hand to another. Geram kata diorang.

Dr. Wong is Ian's neurosurgeon. He read to us the result from the last ultrasound did on Ian's head. Alhamdulillah.. There's a lot of improvement.. But of course, hati manusia mana reti puas kan?? Tambah2 mama Ian nih.. Our next appointment is in July. [Read: being reduced to every 6 months! Alhamdulillah.. =) ]
And the last one is Dato' Dr. Ramani, Ian's ophthalmologist. You guys already know the result right. What we've been told is much more scarier.. I'm just not in the mood to detail up everything at the moment. *masih dalam peringkat penerimaan*
Know what else Dato' Ramani said? "He's a very pretty boy. I bet he'll grow to be a handsome man!" Me? Kembang semangkuk.. Hehehhe.. Not just handsome Dr., dia akan jadi orang yang bijak pandai, berpengetahuan, bersopan santun dan baik budi dan berharta! Hehhehe..
P/s - Hubby said, "Yang, both of us can make beautiful babies, let's give Ian an adik.."
"Hah! Byk la abang, perasan! Nah amik susu ni bg kat Ian and tidokan sekali!"
"Alaaa... Part ni yang malas nih! Kalau macam ni, tunggu dulu la nak dpt adik, tak larat.."
Hahhahah.. Tau pun!


Intan and The Boys said...

memang letih la kan nak jaga baby.
tunggu la Ian besor sket. umur 2 tahun ke...

Jiey^Mien said...

letih.. letih.. lebam bwh mata takyah citer.. Sementara waktu ni, dinasihatkan cik puteri tido dulu puas2! :P

Sue.Aleen said...

jiey... akak baca dalam web ryan (hydrocephalic) ada kebaikan kita bagi adik kat dia orang ni. ryan ada adik lepas 1+ year. ada rasa nak compete dalam diri dia. at the end dia akan cuba belajar just like his normal sister/brother. dia akan melihat. bila asyik melihat dia akan meniru 'kawan' dia tu since bebudak ni (bukan ryan je) senang dipengaruhi rakan sebaya.

it's good for him/her... anyway, ryan dah 11 tahun this year... hensem sey..

Puan ApasH said...


seronok dgr bile baby you doing doakan yg terbaik utk lan eh..

p/s: sy ade tag jiey tau..