Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Tuan Rayyan Ariff Bin Tuan Alimin
DOB : 12 May 2008

In the first 2 photos, Rayyan is playing with his Mr. Bebo.. Different texture on the toy helps to improve child's sensory system. The mirror attached to Mr Bebo's hand is good for self recognition. Mr. Bebo has been with Rayyan for quite some times but he never gets enough of it. =)

In the last 2 photos, Rayyan is sitting in his Jumperoo. Rayyan really loves all the toys attached to the jumperoo. With a spinning seat, Rayyan is using his feet (something that is sooo hard to make him do) to explore the toys. The bright colors on the toys also stimulate child's visual and auditory senses.

I think almost every parent agree that toys are important for children development, let alone, a child with special needs like Rayyan. The features of the toys itself can attract children and make them love to explore it. Most of the educational toys were designed in accordance to children development stages such as the experience, discovery and expanding imagination stages. Rayyan first showed his interest in toys when he was 5 months old or at the corrected age of 3 months old.

Seeing Rayyan explored every inches of his play gym and rattles really excite us. When Rayyan managed to figure out how to play with any one of his toys, he'll continue to explore more and becomes more excited when we introduced new toys to him. Looking at how his brain working nicely when he's playing with them, we really 'invested' in toys, especially educational toys. Hopefully, the toys that we bought for Rayyan will continue to help him to stimulate his brain. =)

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unlisted_one said...

Salam Jiey Mien,..

I almost cried when I saw Rayyan pics. My baby was diagnosed with a disease after she was born too. Seeing her in the baby ICU with all the wires is a nightmare for me.

You are a strong mother and both you and your husband are blessed to have him.

Jiey^Mien said...

Salam Unlisted One..

Thanks for dropping by.. =)

Rayyan was diagnosed with a rare desease when I was 22 weeks pregnant to him. Despite all the doctors' prediction, praise be to Allah coz he's still here with us until today. We have went through a very challenging and tiring journey but every second of it is really worthy.. =)

Going through this road, one thing that I can safely say is that, seing my baby with all the wires is surely hard enough, but the hardest part is to send him to the operation theater for his head to be cut. Hopefully, I dont have to do that again in the future. =D

Good to see that your baby is doing fine. What a cute baby you have there.. Kisses and hugs for baby Madihah yeah..

yatie chomeyl said...

gudlak untuk mokcik jiey & abe Sn pong join jugop sebab mommy sungguh2 sangat nok join..terpakso baby SN wat lolok main denge toys hehehe

Precious said...

I looooove the first picture. So cute! Good luck!!

CatlinaFly said...

blog hopping from MBP...ian so cute dgn toys dia..:) good luck, my baby pon join gak contest neh!

oghe kelate ko? just asking..

tini said...

jiey, wish u n ian luck! its sooo gud to u that ian interested with his toys. so berbaloi berbelanja. kito sedih tgk anok kito x ser main ngan toys dia. hok dia beghehi, lepar & pelago :(

Cikpid said...

Hehehhe..gud luck Ian..kamu mmg cute..

Qistina said...

Hi Jiey Mein,

Mother is so unlimited... you're really a strong mother. Rayyan Ariff is also a strong baby, he strive to life from a tiny little baby to this big now.

You must be a proud mummy...

Liana said...

wa...sangat cumel... Good luck Ian...

puterikurekure said...

hensem betul Ian nih.

contest ni nak kitorang vote ke jiey?

Farah said...

waah toy ian sangat bes bes laa..gud lak k!