Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's My 25th BirThDay

Entry from previous blog

Dear all,

Thanks a lot for all the sweet wishes. I wish exactly the same thing for you guys!

I got two cards from hubby. It's really a surprise n I totally don't see it's coming.. He put it under my pillow.. Hahaha.. Can't believe he's also into surprise thingy..

Haihhh.. Having him beside me had made my 25th birthday, a special day ever! No worries, more will come.. InsyaAllah..

Due to some 'things' in d office, the day was ruined! Certain people just loves to see other people suffer.. Pls, do remember.. what comes around goes around.. Kang Allah SWT tunjuk kang, baru tau..

Still, after offc hour, we went to JJ Maluri (because i need to buy something for raya, actually cakes n biscuits for my nenek sedara..)..

Hubby had a very long queue when he bought my befday cake. Although it’s only 2 days to go before raya, there’re still lots of people. We headed to Madam Lim’s Kitchen, the only available place at that time.. We ordered chicken chop fried rice, sayur tauge, telur dadar n tomyam. The portion is quite besar.. I cudnt finish my ns goreng..

Later on, we went to star time.. Hubby bought me a new watch.. sepasang ngan dia.. Xde la aku berkenan sgt coz aku nk satu jam BUM nih.. Tp dah dia nk sedondon, biar la dia..

Then we went back home. Meriah tgk jiran2 sebelah.. lampu lip lap merelip sabung menyabung.. cam ade competition lak.. Before we went off to bed, aku tiup lilin n potong kek dengan hubby.. Cant post d photos coz a bit sexy la.. Nama pun nk tido..

Hubby, thnks 4 being there..


Anonymous said...

wah…nak jugak masuk dlm sel;imut rumahtangga…ahakzzz…

Anonymous said...

Gee.. I feel soo bad about forgetting ur birthday. I sooo owe u a present. nanti tuntut deh. huehue..

Jiey^Mien said...

Hehehhe.. bestnyoh.. akanku tunggu jah..