Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Special thanks to Biey & Fadia

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This is not an actual open house.. better use d term – a tryout! InsyaAllah, it will be much better next year.. Those who couldn’t make, I guess it’s ok.. Kalau dipanjangkan umur, we still have more years to go.. Those who had came, thnks a lot.. Really appreciate it.. Those who has not been invited or were informed very very late, please accept our request for forgiveness.. It’s just a tryout.. Will have a better one in the future – (when I’m getting better at cooking!) A very special thanks goes to Biey and Fad for their help.. I would have been sooooo exhausted if you guys were not around! N thanks to E for clearing some of the foods…

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Anonymous said...

gilo ko.mace i make semo hok tok habis tu..huuuuuuuu..i hate!