Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not just a friend..

She’s not just a relative..
She’s not just a neighbor..
She’s not just a friend..
She’s a part of my childhood..

We’ve known each other since we were 4..
Being not just a playmate,
But a good friend indeed..
The three of us.. Cant be separated since then..
Went to the same school..
Being in the same class..

We used to play masak-masak..
We used to play ‘marah-marah sayang’
Still remember,
The day that we want to runaway from home..
She brought along with her some pisang goreng..
Some old cloths..
But we canceled everything..
Budak2 merajuk tak lama..
At the end, she got scolded for taking the old cloths out..

Time really flies..
It feels like yesterday
She attended my wedding..
It feels like yesterday
She came to visit me at PMC
Wishing good things for our lil’ family..

On 16.08.08, it’s her turn..
I’m standing there, watching..
The bride and groom..
Sitting beautifully on the bridal dais..
Wearing a very nice songket bunga tabur..

And I realized,
Though our time together was long,
It was so short..

And maybe,
In just a few steps a way,
Me n hubby will be visiting the bride again..
At SJMC maybe..
To welcome Ninie Jr..

The driver.. En.Hubby!

My mom, the bride's mom, and me..

My bro, mummy, the bride and me..

The bride and groom..

P/s – Saya still ingat, masa kecik2 dulu kami main masak2.. And Ninie ckp, “Kita takleh main beranak-beranak tau. Nanti beranak btul2.. Dh jadi tau.. Kat Penang, budak umur 10 tahun beranak sebab dia main beranak2..”

Dan saya mencebik “Elleh, btul ke??”

Ninie replied, “Betul. Chik saya cakap”

This conversation took place 17 years back, and now, I’m repeating the same question,

“Sungguh ko Ninie? Supo nipu jah..” Hehehhehe..


Anonymous said...

ermmm adik fahrin ke ni....hehehe

Jiey^Mien said...

Hahhaha.. Xde maknenye!!

Iron Butterfly said...

aku raso mu duo ore nih kanak2 yang sangat bengong dulu. hahahaha...

anyway, aku rajing jugok nok lari dari rumoh, bowok BMX!

hahahahahah.. (aduh malunyo serro!)

Jiey^Mien said...

hahhaha.. Gilo mu jah.. Aku ingt bwk BMW, ruponyo BMX.. Hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Jieyyyyyyyy!!!!!! what a touching post...i'm crying now!!! So badly...dah la baru masuk keje...1 ofis tengok...hahaha...hmm...thank you very much for the lovely post...i can't wait to se rayyan arif this coming raya...tp xtau la dpt cuti berapa hari...balik kelate berapo hari? sy baru report duty kat mida 2/9 ari tu...betul2 rezeki kawin ni kot...hahaha...di saat poket telah kering, dtg lah berita gembira ni..hehehe..

p/s : hahaha...lawok bodo sungguh la zame tu..nok wak guano, zame tu mano ado sex education...hahaha

love you so much...