Thursday, August 21, 2008


Augt 20, just a routine check up.. 2 appmnts in 1 day.. Quite meletihkan.. And Rayyan Ariff is already 5kg.. And his height is wayyy further up than the graph line for his corrected age..

Dr.Yong is quite happy with Rayyan Ariff's development.. But he's slightly overweight.. Hahahhah.. Sangat puas hati.. Biar besar sket ek.. But Rayyan Ariff got serious colic problem. It has been 3 days he's throwing out everythng that he took. Takpe la.. Hopefully after dia ambik Dentinox, he'll be better..

When we were in the lift, somebody was looking at Rayyan Ariff and asked us, "Brp bulan ni? 3 ekk??".. And I replied proudly, "Yes!".. True enough. He's not really macam he was born premature. Alhamdulillah..

The next check up is, with Dr. Wong. He's ok with the development.. Then he sent Rayyan Ariff for an ultrasound. Although there're positive development, it is still too far from ****** (I dont want to repeat the term used by the doc!). Am I expecting too much?? No I'm not! I just want the best for my baby.. Hopefully he'll fully recover, soon. Prayer is always with you son..

The sleepy boy who weight 5kg..

Mummy and the miracle baby

Keep up the good work Rayyan Ariff!!

P/s - Akak P-nut, I read your entry about Fajar's baby.. Sampaikan salam pd dia.. InsyaAllah our babies will be perfectly fine! Rayyan Ariff himself went thru 4 operations. Hopefully, no more in the future.

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