Thursday, July 21, 2011

The new enhanced Mamil Gold & Mamil Mama!!

Okie Mommies, roughly most of you here knew how much we have to put emphasis on Rayyan Ariff’s health issue because with just one fever that may be just a normal fever to other children, can lead to big things for him like having fits and infections.
When he starts schooling, we have to deal with fever almost every month which give ways to fits and seizures every now and then. But the latest interval between his previous fits and the last one are 4 months! 4 beautiful months! This is definitely a breakthrough and I’m thankful that He shows us the right choice to make and one of it was, to change his milk product..
Yes, like I’ve mentioned in one of my previous post, Rayyan Ariff has been consuming Mamil Gold for a few months already and he rarely falls sick nowadays.
 My beautiful boy with his Mamil Gold.. ~This is a few months old photo of him with his Mamil Gold, really hard to take his photo with the new Mamil Gold. He’s all over the place and not cooperating  :-)

And thanks to Nuffnang, I’ve been invited to the improved Mamil Gold and Mamil Mama launch a few days back.. It’s definitely one of the most informative events on parenthood that I’ve attended. Not just the attendees were briefed on the nutritional facts need for a child, we were also given the opportunities for free consultations with the nutritionist and the MD, Ms Toni Brendish! And not to forget, the Danone team was also super nice! *Thanks for having us*
Oh boy, I really grab the chance to ask questions! And I tested Mamil Mama as well! It’s very nice peeps, highly recommended for expecting mothers (like yours truly).. The taste is awesome and it’s the only maternal milk with IMMUNOFORCE!! :-)
One of the things that I brought back that day is the fact about IMMUNOFORCE, the important ingredient to support natural body defenses. Since the new Mamil Gold is enhanced with increased IMMUNOFORCE, it really helps to build up a strong immune system to support a child’s development. Not to forget, it also contains 5x DHA that really helps in a child brain’s development!
And I really concur with the Danone Dumex team that a healthy child can explore better!! *thanks to more than 15 years of study to come out with such a good product Danone Dumex team*
I shall share with you guys some of the photos that I managed to snap during the event before I end this post!
 Ms Toni Brendish with her very informative speech!
 The Mamil Mama with IMMUNOFORCE
 Nice seating kan? These are all that Mamil Gold has – Minerals, Vitamins, more than 5x DHA, and IMMUNOFORCE!

 The buildup~
The new improved formula with a new packaging; Mamil Gold and Mamil Mama~
And here comes the Blogger Mommies with 2 of the Danone Dumex team.. Mind the 22 weeks preggie mommy (she’s the fattest of all kan?*sigh*)
That’s all peeps! *Go and grab your Mamil Gold and Mamil Mama now!!*


Noina said...

Jiey..ina penah nak tukarkan Nabila mamil..tapi pastu kena marah ngan doc sebab nak tukau susu..camner ek?Nabila pun asik demam selsema je..Tgk rayyan dan apa yang jiey cakap ni rasa nak cuba mamil..tapi bila dgr doc ckp terus terbantut..huhu

littlehumblelynn said...


comelnya jiey :-)

UmiMia said...

alamak, leh baca 3 paragraph yg atas sekali jer jie...yg lain dah kluar bentuk symbol...

anyway, nice to meet you...

next time ada event, leh jumpa lagi..all the best to u and rayyan...

Jiey^Mien said...


Jiey tau pasal Mamil Gold ni from Nuffnang.. Mula2 tu cam tak brani jugak nk tuka susu.. Ye la, kita punya mindset kan selalu pikir yang mahal tu elok..

Seriously, byk kali jgk Jiey consider pasal susu ni.. Sbb Ian pun dlm kategori underweight jgk.. 12.5kg for 3 years old boy dgn dia punya tinggi mmg x sesuai.. Kalo x pki baju or baring, aduhaiii.. sekeping..

Tp antara weight gain dgn stay healthy, Jiey ambik risk for him to stay healthy.. Mamil Gold ni just one of the way la.. At the same time, Ian still lagi amik his Vitamin C tablet, Pro-Q n Multivitamin..

Pastu, untuk weight gain plak mmg takde ape2 la.. Just through food je la.. nasik 3 kali sehari cam Nabila gak.. Pastu in between jiey mmg bg je ape dia nk mkn.. kek, grg pisang, roti, keju, buah2 etc.. Jgn taktau, tuan kecik ni suka makan kuaci.. Budak gitu la, dlm byk2 makanan, benda mengarut jgk yg dia mintak..

Jiey tak bgtau pn Paed Ian pasal tuka susu ni.. Amik risiko sdr.. Sbbnya, bertahun minum Pediasure pn cam gitu jgk.. Takde la naik beria berat dia.. Tiap kali timbang pn naik secoet jer.. And yes, betul kata Ina, Pediasure Ian pun sembelit..

Untuk Nabila Jiey tak brani nk kata.. Takut kang salah bagi nasihat plak.. Lg pn, cam Ina kata, berat 8kg pn kena pikir gak kot.. Dalam kes Jiey, even Dr tak kata apa pun, Jiey rs terpaksa amik risiko sbb nk elak fits Ian.. Kalo dia sehat n x penat, elok plak takde fits nya..

Jiey^Mien said...


Gems = Gemukssss..

Jiey^Mien said...


Erghh takleh baca? Nape ek??

Nice meeting you too!!

Thanks dear! *hugs*

P/s - Smpi ari ni teringat citer yg takleh daftar baby Mia.. :-)

Kak Aya said...

seronok juga ada Event macam ni ye?

UmiMia said...

ha...dah boleh baca...nice entry...

macam u kata hari tu lah jie, plan xnak bunting pelamin sbb takut lahir xcukup bulan pastu takut org ckp mcm2 kan...i pun plan tetiba dah rezeki...terima jer MIL duduk flat..u just imagine..baru jer pergi kenduri kawin kitaorg, 6 bln dah ada baby...satu flat dia terpaksa cerita pasal baby Mia..takut org salah anggap...Now Mia sgt famous kat flat dia...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Jiey, mcm mana ngan kandungan sugar dlm Mamil Gold? Is it very high ke normal? Just in case u have ask them about this. I'm considering to change milk untuk my daughter.

Bicara hati ibu aisya said...

Thank's.Good information.
Macam nak try bagi kat aisya Mamil Gold gak jer.Kalau ayu pun ayu pilih sihat dari naik berat sebab kalau asyik xsihat camner nak naik berat badan.Ye tak?(budak 7.4kg/aisya ni walau nampak tecik tp aktifnya boleh tahan tau kalau sihat)hihihi.

jiey, ayu cam kenal je orang yang berdiri sblh jiey tuh (dua dari kanan)-dia anak jiran mak ayu ;)

Jiey^Mien said...

Sorry tak sempat nk reply. Yup, a few persons did ask about added sugar etc.. Nanti I elaborate more eh.. A bit busy coz after ths nk gi outstation.

But yo can jst go to ths blog for your pleasure of reading;