Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monthly check up

Went for Ian's monthly check up today.. Alhamdulillah.. Everything is fine and he's doing great! Read : G.R.E.A.T. Dr.Yong was really happy to see him and most of the things he said today, really make my day! Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Full assessment will be done by next month. Till then, masih dalam debaran! Whatever the outcome is going to be, I'm thankful for today that I have him and, I'm thankful for today as he has reached this far..
After the check up, we headed straight to the rehab & physio centre. This time, my sister was with us so she managed to record the session. Of course not the whole session lah.. Know what? during the session, Ian poo poo.. Haiyyy.. Bikin malu kompeni la Ian ni.
Lately, Ian has been screaming most of the time.. Dr.Yong said, it's because he has discover his voice.. Just like menyembur & main buih.. Babies will continue to do it when they first discover it because it's a new thing for them.

Something need to be done on the crossed eyes!

The screaming is totally not because he was in pain ok.. Sajer jer.. We took a brake coz ada org beyakk.. Eeiiii..

We brought Ian to NICU since it has been a while from our last visit. This time, Ian got to see his Wan (nenek) in NICU. Since Ian was discharged about 5 and a half month ago, this is the first time ho got to see Wan NICU. Luckily, Wan @ Kak Ton was on duty this morning.. She was delighted to see him. Most of the staffs did. Some of them could not believe their eyes when they saw handsome-not-so-little-Rayyan is doing sooo fine.. He weight 2.26 when he left NICU.. No wonder they're surprised to see him. Diorg kata Ian panjang.. Dah bapak dia pun panjang..

Balik umah, pas mandi, titon la ini baby.. Mama leh la blogging.. Hehehhe.. Letih la tu kena jab.. Final dose of Pneumococal..

P/s - Doa sangat2, mintak2 la Allah SWT permudahkan jalan buat Tuan Rayyan Ariff Bin Tuan Alimin.. Aminnn..


Anonymous said...

Amin..insyaallah segala urusan Tuan Rayyan Ariff Bin Tuan Alimin akan dipermudahkan

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

good to hear bout his progress! I'm sure u are the happiest mom today kan =)
Go Ryan!!!
athirah pun ade slight cross eye, now kena patch mata dominant die one hour everyday...but unfortunately we are not that displin at doing so...
pasni kena betul2 displin and do it everyday b4 get worsen

eiNa said...

alhamdulillah... be strong Ryan...

Jiey^Mien said...

Nieza : Thanks dearie Nieza for all the doa and support.. Hugs from Ian specially for you dear! *Bear hugs*

Munirah : Sgt2 happy dear! I'll email you to share what the doc said.. :P
Ish, x nampak pun Athirah ada cross eye.. I can foresee that I pun jenis yg malas gak kalau kena wat patching nnt.. Hehehhe..

Eina : Thanks Eina.. InsyaAllah, strong-will-rayyan will continue to be better and better..