Thursday, December 18, 2008

Private mode

Lately, i've seen so many blogs that suddenly went private..
Honestly, I was thinking of doing that as well.. I moved from blog.frienster to blogspot because of that actually.. To go on private mode. Talk about Ian's condition in full, and went completely private.. Tp tak jadi plak.. Because I've fall in love with my blogger friends.. Lots of info-sharing.. So postpone la dulu sampai [dot][dot][dot]

Whisper*Sshhh.. Don't talk too loud.. There's a sleeping baby here..

P/s - Too many things to write and yet too little courage to post it! You can call me coward though I prefer fragile.. It's your call..


Anonymous said...

sama lah i pun asyik nak privatize lah nak pindah lah tapi asyik tak jadi2 je ni hehehe. n yup you can link mine. i pun link u jugak kay :)

nellyberry said...

in case, nak private...pls...pls do invite me! ini paksaan hokey. hehe

tapi kan, mcm tak best blog secara private sebenarnya...mcm cakap sorang2. bukankah tujuan blog adalah untuk diwar-warkan secara maya.

but then, since lately asyik ade orang yang menyalah gunakan post-post blogger lain utk dibambu...i do think, making the blog privat is a best way.

Well, gua pun kadang2 rasa mcm fed up ngan alam blogsphere recently. Kalau gua iba2 bikin blog gua private tu, jgn risau...tak lamanya. hehe ^_^

and i will sure invite u (in caselah)

Jiey^Mien said...

Ina - No wonder la your other blog tu private.. :-)

Cik Nellyberry - Jgn risau. Bkn dlm masa terdekat ni & anda mmg pasti dlm list salah seorang invited reader saya.. :P

MamaHana said...

same la, i pun selalu terfikir nk privatize kan blog i nie.... tp disebabkan info n knowledge and also a lesson yg saya amek dr blog org lain, trus tak jadi... for those yg saya selalu tetiba jd tetamu tak diundang tu jgn marah ha....