Monday, December 1, 2008

Never tell a child that something is too hard for him!

I'm not a bookworm but there are several book that I love to read, especially Mitch Albom’s & Stephen Chandler’s.. Sometimes, we need something ‘extra’ to push ourselves a little bit further.. And some of these peoples’ writing does have a power to do that.
Yesterday, I was turned down by 2 peoples. It’s not me actually, but it’s my baby! My lovely and adorable Rayyan Ariff..
Yang pertama, I want to sign him up for a class.. It’s quite costly but I guess it’s a worth it investment, especially when it comes to my child well-being. Saya tidak tahu sejauh mana keberkesanan ‘kaedah’ yang kononnya boleh merangsang minda dan membantu seseorang manusia itu mencapai ke tahap yang lebih tinggi, tapi saya ingin mencuba.. I went to the centre and talked to the person in-charged at the counter. She gave me some explanation about the centre and the method used. I’m quite pleased. Then, I start to ask about special need baby..
I’m a bit disappointed to hear something like this from someone who’s actually promoting human brain’s capability and the benefit of exploring them in the early stage. But I guess, it’s just something that she needs to say..
“Ooo.. we need to see his medical report first. After we have it, then only we can decide when is the best time for him to join or whether it will work on him or not.. I don’t know bout your baby. But just to let you know, for example, for down syndrome babies, normally we only accept them when they’re 1 years old and will put them in class for babies. They are a bit delayed, so that’s why we did that.”
There’s not much left for me to say. To me, it’s a bit judgmental. If other babies can start at 3 months, why can’t my baby? Why can’t the Down syndrome babies?? I told the lady that my Ian is doing what other babies for his age is doing.. And his paed is also satisfied with his development. If that’s being the case, why can’t the centre accept him?? Just give him a try for a term.. If he’s not showing any development, I’ll be happy to withdraw him from the programme. I’m not being stubborn here.. I just want him to join the class at early age. Yes, I can request for a medical report. But it’s not much to tell. They can only do the necessary test i.e. full assessment when he’s a bit older i.e. 7 months’ corrected age which is another 2 more months to go.. Skrg cam dh tawar hati dh..
I have a chat with one of his Dr. before, I asked him, “Dr. have you seen someone recover from this disease?” “Of course. And it’s not just one case”.. I asked further, “Have you seen someone with this kind of disease leave a normal life?” He replied, “Yes, of course. In fact, one of my classmates in college was diagnosed with the same disease. And, he’s a doctor. That should be a relieve for you, right?” Yup, a major one! So guys, pls give way for my doctor-to-be.. Hehheheh..

The second rejection?? Let me keep that one for myself. But just to let you guys know, there’s no different between him and other babies.. It’s not hard to take care of him. He doesn’t require special treatment. Mungkin dia belum lagi boleh meniarap dgn sepenuhnya, but he tried. Maybe he still cannot hold his head up straight, but his trying. Medicine for his disease? Ooh, he’s not taking any. Just Maltofer, Folic Acid & Appeton, once a day. It’s merely supplement for baby. Vitamin. Sbb tu Ian susah nk demam. Even gi jab ke ape, xde nk demam. Despite being a premiee and have had 4 times of operations, he’s doing well. Sekali jer demam setakat ni. Tu pun plg tgg, 37.6.. His paed said he can stop taking the vitamins already, tp saya yg mintak nak continue. Xde salahnya. Even kita pun Dr. advise ambik vitamin kan?? Tambah2 lagi sekarang ni musim demam.
Dan minggu lepas, I went to my colleague’s house. Td di office, dia bercerita.. “Bibik saya kata, - Kesian ya.. Ibu nya cantik, Bapak nya cantik, tapi anaknya begitu..” Saya menjawab dgn pertanyaan, “Kenapa, Ian tak comel ke?” Dgn kelat dia menjawab, “Oh bukan la.. Maksudnya, Ian lain sedikit..” Bukan sy tidak faham, tp sekadar ingin menduga.. Bibik itu hanya berkata begitu setelah saya bercerita serba sedikit mengenai Rayyan. Tidak mahu menceritakan secara terperinci. Itu pun, kerana dia yang bertanya apabila melihat 2 parut jahitan di kiri dan kanan perut Rayyan tatkala bajunya tersingkap ke atas. Kalau saya tidak bercerita, dia tidak akan tahu bukan? Itulah manusia. Kadangkala, adalah lebih baik utk tidak mengetahui.
P/s - "Never tell a child that something is too hard for him, and never this child" – this line is taken from Mitch Albom’s “For One More Day”! My child is a special child from heaven.

Saya tidak bisa menutup mulut manusia dari berkata-kata. Yang pasti, saya akan mengukuhkan mental dan emosi saya utk terus berhadapan dgn dugaan sebegini di masa hadapan!!
Oh yea, saya bukan perasan yea.. saya hanya mengulangi ayat bibik itu. Satu persatu. Kalau perasan pun apa salahnya. Ini blog saya.. :P

Nape, tak puas hati ke???


Anonymous said...

Semoga semakin kuat dan tabah menempuhi hari2 mendatang. Never give up. Ian always needs ur support for him to go much further. I'm in J*pan. Baru je bape hari tgk kt tv about a child yg dh besar but jd mcm baby sbb accident. But her mother never gave up. For many years mak dia latih anak dia bit by bit dr segi berjln, berckp, membaca n so on every day. Finally skrg dia dh kawin n dh ada anak even though physically dia masih xberapa kuat. But still what is proved from her story... takde apa yang tak boleh asalkan kiter usaha, InsyaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Owh btw... Ian's birthday is 2 days earlier than my late son's, 14th May. At least u still have Ian to hug n kiss everyday :) My baby was born stillbirth at 38 weeks of pregnancy unfortunately.

Jiey^Mien said...

Thanks for the support Ina.. That's what I've been telling myself. To be strong for him.. Having to keep him is already a bless.

I'm sorry bout ur baby.. You sound like a very strong person.. Something for sure, he's waiting for you & hubby di syurga abadi.. AlFatihah..

Anonymous said...

Pelik betul.. Orang patutnya special need baby la kena tolong awal2.. Kalau dah ok, lain la citer.. Kelas ape nih?? Nk tau gak..

Anonymous said...

ian plak tetap handsome di hatiku.. (^_^)

Jiey^Mien said...

Anon 1 - Ntah la.. Dh rules dia camtu kott.. Ade la method yg glamer tuh..

Anon 2 - Uish, jgn puji lebey2, nnt boleh mendatangkan keperasanan yang melampau.. Sape ni? Ju is it??

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

ni class s**c**da ek?
i hv few frens yg anta anak diorang.
i dh lupe dear ur email address...can u plz email me at
nk share wat my fren commented bout the class

Watie Aziz said...

i dpt ur blog dr Mummy Lyna punya web ..i love ur blog & cara u bercerita ..this is my 1st comment ..excited baca sampai tak letak komen ..heheh..

FYI, i still cannot figure out what happend to ur baby coz u tak cerita habis but its not important ..:) i akan baca one by one .. very adventorous baca novel..

i rasa i tau the class sebab i pernah call them. Why dont u call Gymboree & ask them. I masukkan Q kat Gymboree, dalam kelas Q ada DS punya baby. So maybe u can ask them whether they accept or not.. i nak tanyakan boleh, tapi i tak tahu condition of ur baby.

coz baru2 nih we all ada gath MSK, i kenal few Mummy & hujung minggu nih i akan tanya utk one of the Mummy yg special case like u too..

Basedon ur writing .. i salute & respect u ..u adalah Mummy yg tabah ..and again ..i failed to see any kekurangan on ur handsome Ian ..:)

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