Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day with beautiful girls..

Nope. This story is not about us. Kami memang tak pernah celebrate v-day. Lebih ironi, we don't even remember that 14 Feb is v-day.. Until a friend mentioned it to us. This is a story of our little romeo..
Taken from Auntie Jah's blog..

"I have two girls sleeping with me on V-day. What about you, losers?"

P/s - "I got 4 girls with me that day actually.. Lucky me! Even my dad slept with only one makcik.. Hehhehe.." Said the proud Rayyan Ariff Alimin.


mommy lyna said...

esoh xdo blog ko jiey?

Jiey^Mien said...

mommy lyna : setahu jiey la, xdok lagi..

mommy lyna said...

sokmo ko set2 ni melepaks di rumah kamu?

cewah ganah Ian, lepaks bersama mondel-mondel!

Syeda said...

wah wah kecik2 lagi ian dh pandai buat lawaks. hehe

miss u muax!